New Product Testing Opportunity – Improving Family Communication and Healthcare for Seniors
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Join us to test an exciting new product designed to help family and friends stay connected and be most helpful to their senior relatives and friends. CareConnect offers personal communication and healthcare tracking to keep family members in the loop and make certain Seniors receive optimal healthcare and maintain their personal independence.
CareConnect helps Seniors stay in touch and connected. This product offers:

  • Digital 3000 Image Photo frame that saves, displays, and sends photos of birthdays, family outings, sporting events, etc.
  • Appointments and medication reminders to keep your Senior’s medical care on track for optimum health
  • Email and messages at the touch of a button that are easy to send and receive
  • Skype picture phone calls with family and healthcare providers to stay in touch
  • Call Me one touch feature that sends a text message requesting a call back improving communication
  • Weather in different family locations to keep everyone up to date