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Title: A Day With Peanut The Squirrel: Children's picture books for early readers

Author: Elaine Wilbert

Link: Peanut The Squirrel : Childrens picture Books for Early Readers eBook: Elaine Wilbert, Erik Siewko: Kindle Store

Book Details:
We invite you and your children to spend a day with Peanut the Squirrel.

Peanut is a loveable rogue and loves spending time in the forest with his friends Stripey the Badger and Mikey the Mole. This story will teach your child about Squirrels and Badgers, helping them to learn the parts and colors of a tree, where badges live, and what squirrels eat. It talks of the importance of brushing teeth too

It's a delightful tale that will be read time and time again by early readers

With full color illustrations by Erik Siewko, this book is a keeper and ideal for a bedtime reading session before sleep.

About The Author:
Elaine Wilbert hails from the UK. A Mother of three, she has self taught all her children up to the ages of 11 and brings sublime teachings in her picture books.