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Thread: August downers

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    Default August downers

    The last 2 Augusts we have had really tight months and feel so drowned

    in debt. My children are homeschooled and we do not do the array of new

    clothes like most people do in August or we would be in big trouble. We

    drained our emergency savngs. We just want to get back on track.

    Ideally my husband needs to get a new job, closer to home.

    We are expecting. We do not know how insurance usually works when you

    switch jobs (as this is my husband's first job for working for someone

    in his life). Do most have you work so many days before they cover

    insurance? If he switched jobs and I was not covered by insurance does

    medicaid pick up pregnant people even if they do not fall in poverty



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    Jan Bonilla


    Re: : August downers

    Yes, he would have to wait a certain amount of time before he would be
    covered. Then they may say that the pregnancy was pre existing and
    not cover you also.

    Usually the wait is 3 to 6 months. Depends on the insurance company
    and the requirements for probation on new hires for the job.

    If you wanted to find out if you would be covered by any assistance
    medical coverage why he changed jobs I would reccomend that you
    contact and speak with those agencys in person, or on the phone. That
    way you would have a clear answer according to your income and

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    Doreen Lawton


    Re: August downers

    Not sure what state you're in, but most states have a program for preg. moms and they will prob apply to you in this situation. Go to/call your local health dept. and ask them about the state program. Good luck with your pregnancy and with your husband getting a job!


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    Sarah Long


    Re:August downers

    You should apply for Medicaid even if he doesn't switch jobs. If they deny you then you can still get WIC which will help a lot with basic food while you are pregnant and after you have the baby. The people at the Medicaid office can also point you in the right direction as far as getting care even if you are denied for Medicaid. For example, the local health department here runs a clinic for women who are pregnant but don't have any insurance and are denied for Medicaid.

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    ro so


    Re: : August downers

    In Iowa, it takes any where from 3 to 6 months before insurance kicks in. Some
    companies will also add you right away but not many.

    As for Medicaid, it goes by your income but the income level is pregant woman
    and non-pregnant women. You could actually sign up now to find out if you are
    eligible. I had private insurance but had to get medicaid because no doctor will
    see you for a pregnancy unless you pay your portion upfront. Another alternative
    is to find a womens health services office (might be called something else in
    your state), they provide free pre-natal care if you don't have medicaid or


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    Re: : August downers

    Your husband would need to talk to the HR person at his new job and they can explain how it works. Each company is different, the insurance could start the same day he starts or more typically it could start 90 days after his start date. Can he not wait to change jobs till after the baby is born so you don't have to worry about these things??


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    Lucy Anderson


    Completely depends on the job. I have been at places that make you wait 6 months, and the place I am at now covered me from day one.

    If he finds a job, I would ask. But don't leave one that has insurance now and hope you find something. You need good coverage for a baby - never know what can happen.

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    I am not sure how that works. I have been with the same employer for almost 20 years.
    Health insurance - we just choose a company from the various plans after comparing during open season - usually in Oct/Nov/Dec and it goes into effect fully in January of the next year.



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