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    Ann Garner

    Default Watch those receipts!!

    Especially at the self-serve gas pumps. Somehow, the one I was using

    this morning developed a problem. The pump display said $3.359 for

    regular with the discount card. I used a discount card, got my gas,

    and a receipt. The receipt showed that the pump actually charged me

    $3.429 a gallon, the mid-grade price. I pointed it out to the clerk,

    and she was really upset that the pump had been used quite a bit and

    I was the first to catch it. There was no telling how long this had

    been going on because only by checking the receipt would a person

    catch this error. Granted, the difference was only 46 cents since I

    only did $20 of gasoline, but it can add up. I did get a refund,

    which was bumped up to an even dollar for "customer satisfaction".

    Ann in Arkansas

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    Thanks! That is really good to know! I always check my grocery store receipts (because I use so many coupons & I want to make sure they are all counted) but I never thought to look at my gas receipts!!! : )



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