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Hi all! I have added several pictures to the Bargain Album in the groups photo section. I made a couple of mistakes, but it isn't set up for us to delete or edit our pictures, so I'll correct them here.

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    Dawn Nottelling

    Default Bargains I have found lately! Pictures too

    Hi all!

    I have added several pictures to the Bargain Album in the groups photo section.

    I made a couple of mistakes, but it isn't set up for us to delete or edit our

    pictures, so I'll correct them here.

    I have been on a bargain hunt lately! The conversation we had a few weeks about

    about Christmas w/ No or Little $$ got me going!!

    The first picture, $3 frame and $4.50 print caption- Frame is from Walmart,

    print is from Hobby Lobby. HL had the prints 50% off. I am redecorating my

    bedroom, and these prints worked great!! So for $15, I got two pretty pictures!

    The second picture, shows the prints in the frames, with the pillow sham from my

    new coverlet set. Coverlet set was on clearance for $40, for the king size. It

    is so soft and gorgeous. Light weight enough to use in the summer too! So that

    is $3.33 a month.

    Walgreens has a lot of things on clearance, all over the store. The next 2

    pictures is clear photo box frames. They come in pkgs of 2, several sizes... .25

    for the smaller sizes and .50 8x10 size! School pictures of kids make great

    gifts!! These are pretty frames and because they are clear, you don't have to

    worry about them not "working" in someone else's home! Also, I had an idea, to

    use them to organize with!

    Picture #5, is a Home Interior Picture I found at Big Lots. YEP it is a REAL

    Home Interior picture, for $10. Not sure if you have heard, but Home Interior is

    bank rupt and as far as I know, going out of business. So keep your eyes open at

    close out stores like Big Lots!!

    Picture #7, Is brown curtain panels, $9 each at Ross. So, $18 a window!

    Picture #8- Is from Big Lots, $10. (not a Home Interior pic, couldn't correct my

    mistake) I love this picture! I actually took the Home Interior Picture back

    because I decided to stay with the brown theme instead of black!

    Picture #9- From Walgreens- I found the candlesticks there for $2.00 a set of 3.

    I bought 2 boxes. I plan on getting the candles to go with them at the Dollar

    Tree- Gift cost- $5 +tax.

    TODAY, I "had a feeling" to go to a certain Goodwill store in our area. Boy am I

    glad I did!! I love to scrapbook. I found the

    12 x 12 Cropper Hopper vertical paper holders, for $1.50. ( retail $7.95)

    I also found a beautiful round glass platter, great for cakes and such, for

    .75!!! A friend of mine had a family member pass away and I was going to make

    her a pound cake, but I didn't want her to worry about getting the cake plate

    back to me...... guess what I'm putting the cake on!! The platter for .75 and

    she gets to keep it! Then I had a light bulb moment, this is a great idea to do

    all the time when you are cooking for someone else! Buy nice dishes cheaply and

    let them keep it as a gift. They can always pass it on to someone else.

    ---------------- no pictures for the items below-------------

    I got a wall mountable coat rack for my sons room, for $1.00. Just needs to be


    I also found a Home Interior Picture in a "ball theme" that works perfectly in

    my sons room for , looks brand new!!

    A few months ago, we found a solid wood full size headboard/footboard for our

    sons room for $15!! Can't beat that!!

    At our church we give Sunshine baskets to the elderly. I found a gorgeous glass

    heart candy dish, for $1.00. I think it will be perfect to put what else but

    Hugs/ Kisses in it along with a card!!

    JC Penny had a $10 off coupon this past week. I found lamps in ball theme logos,

    had been $100, then $80, marked down to $15..... I got it for $5.00 . My niece

    love the Tar Heels, guess what lamp I found her!! I included a link to a lamp

    simular to the one I found.

    <a href=" RD&ShowMenu=T&ShopBy=0&SearchString=lamps&RefPage= SearchDepartment.aspx&CmCatId=SearchResults&Search 1Prod=True">\

    D&ShowMenu=T&ShopBy=0&SearchString=lamps&RefPage=S earchDepartment.aspx&CmCatId=S\


    I just wanted to share some of my bargain finds with the group!! I hope this

    inspires someone who thought they couldn't have gifts this Christmas! You can

    find great things, CHEAP, if you look enough!!

    Dawn Rhodes

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    Default Bargains I have found lately! Pictures too

    -your Christmas list sounds like my house decor -get cute frames from

    my favorite places Big Lots & The Dollar Stores..once my adopted

    grandma Betta had a embroidered pic made for her -we took it and

    copied it for $3 and put it in a cute $1 frame -I even framed a gift

    bag from a friend making my picture only a dollar and it looks like a

    Home Interior Picture picture with a well know print in it ....what I

    do for christmas is ornaments made or really cute ones from the

    dollar store -one year I bought cheap blue ornaments $.88 [8] and

    took white paint and painted little snow men one them ..that was an

    inexpensive year for gifts can find great things at the dollar




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