Ingredients: 3 C. Milk 6 T. flour salt & pepper to taste 8
oz. breakfast sausage 2 3/4 C biscuit mix or BLM

3/4 C milk
Wish together 3 C. milk, flour,salt & pepper until flour is dissolved.
Pour into skillet, simmer stirring constantly for 15 minutes. Brown Sausage in a
separate skillet stirring and braking up until cooked. drain
stir into sausage gravy

mix biscuit mix w/remaining 3/4C mild in a bowl until soft dough is formed.
Drop by spoonfuls onto baking sheets.

Bake 450deg. 10 minutes or until brown.

Ladle hot sausage gravy over split biscuits

This recipe is enough to serve 10 people

Note: To avoid lumpy gravy I generally take the liquids for the gravy mixture
and heat then inplace of the flour use about 1/2 the amt or less with cornstarch
mix in a small amt of water or milk then add to the hot milk for the gravy; this
always assures that you will not have lumpy gravy. Making gravy with flour
sometimes will cause the gravy to get lumpy; this just might help prevent this
problem with most homemade gravy's.