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Best IQ Test Free!
Genre: Games
Release Date: July 3, 2013

Best IQ test - try your brains!

Do you think you are smart? Intelligent? Try this IQ test! I bet you'll give up after the first level!

Best IQ test is a queer puzzle which will blow your mind up and drive you to the exasperation.
Do you think it's easy to burst a baloon, take a family picture or find three little pigs? Not in this game!

This puzzle breaks out of regular boundaries of standard thinking and makes you forget about dull and boring logic. It's not enough to use your brains to solve Best IQ but also you will need all your skills of using unique iPhone/iPad options!

There are:

1) More than thirty levels with various tasks, the difficulty is growing with each level.

2) Highest possible rank of brain tense and using gadget functions.
3) The possibility of competition which gives you IQ points for each level.
4) Clues which can be bought for inside-game currency - Tricks.
5) Integration with Facebook so you can send an invitation to your friends directly from the game.

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