My kids were told from the time they were old enough to understand, and this advice was given to me by a vary dear friend of mine. If they were in collage full time we will still support them. If they were in collage pt we would have them pay a small amount. If they didn't go to collage, then we would add up mortgage, utilities and food. Devide that by how many of us live in the house at the time and that would be their portion. I love my kids, but I don't want them wasting their money on material things, running up their credit cards and then not be able to ever be on their own. My mom charged me 27 yrs abo $80. and I never understood why. Well this was explained to our kids and they can choose to stay.


I found that
out the hard way, and had to increase "rent". You
provide more for him than the monetary "rent" in the first place, I