When we got him 4 months ago, he was having these problems. Only, I thought the constipation had long passed but I was wrong! The gagging, I thought it would pass but it didn't.

I took him to the vet as his bowel looked really raw. She has him on 250 mg a day(he's 8 lbs & 6 months old)for an upper respitory infection plus she put him on antibiotics too. He's wheezing and pawing at him mouth and gagging. He has something stuck in his bowel or she thinks it's in the bowel. I can't afford the x-ray so we are doing little things to try to make whatever it is pass. She said it could be just stool but not sure. She has him on a stool softener as he's really constipated. She wormed him and I took the specimen in and no parasites. She doesn't know what the pawing at the mouth and gagging is from. She wanted to do an xray but I can't afford it. I'm really uneasy not getting it done too.

Wednesday I'll take him to the free animal clinic in Spokane, WA
at the union gosspel mission at Ogden Hall. Take a donation.No donation, no being seen the 2nd time.It's every Wednesday on trent right past Ogden Hall on trent past in a fenced area. They take first 15 cats only, first come, first serve. 12-2:30