Bye Bye Water Spots! To prevent water spots rub chrome fixtures with wax

paper after cleaning. Then buff lightly. You will leave a thin coating

that deflects water and helps stop smudges


Skip Splatters! Prevent your electric mixer from spraying batter. Just

tear a sheet of wax paper that extends a few inches over the edge of the

mixer. Hold it down and poke the beaters into place


Easy Glide Shower Curtain! Shower curtain not sliding easily? Rub a

little wax paper on the bar and the curtain will glide smoothly


No Fuss Fridge Solution! Forget struggling to wipe the top of your

fridge. Cover the surface with wax paper. It will catch dirt then once a

month just replace it


Get Your Can Opener Into Gear! Stiff can opener? Run a piece of wax

paper through the gears. It will loosen dirt and coat he wheels so they

will run smoothly


Prolong Your Shoes Polish! Rub waxed paper over freshly polished and

dried white shoes. It will help keep them looking pristine longer


Recork Wine! Slip a cork back into your half finished wine bottle with

ease. Wrap a piece of wax paper around the cork and slide it back in

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