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Joi, May I have a copy of the cookbook. Many thanks. Anna

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    Anna Hansen

    Default copycat cookbook

    Joi, May I have a copy of the cookbook. Many thanks. Anna

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    Default copycat cookbook

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    Hi Anna

    Looking at your sig line, are you involved with this site:

    If so - it's FAB. When some of my friends are feeling down I point them
    in that direction and, as with me, it always cheers them up. Thank you!


    Anna Hansen wrote:
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    Joi, May I have a copy of the cookbook. Many thanks. Anna

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    Default Copycat Cookbook

    I had such a wonderful response to this cookbook, I decided to

    investigate its source. I went to and there is an

    amazing amount of cookbooks available. You can sign up and get a free e-

    cookbook (which is where this one is available at) with several choices

    and then there are several available for purchase at very reasonable

    prices. Check out the website, you won't be disappointed and you can

    get another free cookbook. Blessings,

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    Default Copycat Cookbook

    I would like to amend, I believe you can download all their free

    cookbooks (14 in all) with a wide range of choices.

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    Default Copycat Cookbook

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    Yippee...thanks, Joi!!

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    .......Wendy N......_

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