Thanks to Alison "mem68" and Kimmie for your kind welcome....

Alison I did check out thank you so much

for the link... it is the best site. its great how she photographs

ingrediants and final meal. Also... when I started getting my son into

gardening with me, we first made a scarecrow from an old toy he had, and

clothes he'd outgrown. Then we did windmills from old plastic, and he

chose some cheap statues at a cheap shop. Once home it was his job to

decorate his part of garden. I then helped him plant his first seeds...

which were sunflowers, and he was so enthusiastic to keep planting cause

he loved "his own" garden! Weeks later his little face was in shock when

he realised his sunflowers were actually growing faster and taller then

him! I don't know what he did to those seeds.... but they ended up over

150cms high with flowers that were bigger than my head!

I believe the trick here is to let them do something that makes it

"theirs" and unlike mums part of the garden... his is special to him

cause its all how he wanted!

Once you can get them growing veggies.... try to get them to stop eating

what they grow!!! My son harvests his own veg he grew too as "mem68"

also said her little one also does.

I know im rabbling on a bit... but... Just imagine the health benifits

both fitness wise and nutrition wise our childen would grow up with and

pass onto their kids if they continue to eat their own organic home

grown veg.

Lastly... my first loaf of bread was succesfull! My son told everyone

that I made bread! He thought it was fantastic! We ate the last of it

with the first crock pot meal I made... creamy curried pumpkin, carrot

and potato soup... was delishious.

Take care all.

From Rhiannon