I have read several thank you post for all the info. on coupons.

How can I read this info or find the post about coupons?

I looked for them but did not see any.

I am just gettting started with coupons after giving it up many years

ago and going strictly to Sam's Club shopping due to my time being so

restricted with 6 kids and home schooling. I am now down to 3 kids at

home with the youngest being 10 so I have a bit more time to spare.

Our grocery bill is WAY TOO HIGH and I need to come up with a better

plan so we can use the savings to get out of debt and then hopefully

start a savings account.

I have looked at a couple of great info. resources like coupon mom and

would really like to hear from others who are using coupons for big


thanks for any help with this, leila