List Price: $49.99 Deal Price: $27.99 You Save: $22.00 (44%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Anxiety. Stress. Tension. These are the things that make the world go round. Take them away, and nothing would ever get done around here. But SOME people think they're better than that. Some people feel that they deserve to sit around and relax ??? or even worse, chillax ??? while the rest of us fret and worry and ache. These peaceful, easy fiends think nothing of applying the Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion's four kneading heads to any part of their body that feels a little tight or tired. With the included elastic strap, relaxation junkies can even drive the streets while under the influence of massage. Make no mistake: Mainstream acceptance of the Prospera Kneading Massage Cushion is the first step toward a world where none of us is tense, sore, or stiff. Scary, isn't it?" Expires Jul 14, 2013

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