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We're having a Record heat wave here, so I thought I'd pass along something easy and yummy to bring on some CHILL! Snow Cone Syrup

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    Default MYO: Snow Cone Syrup

    We're having a Record heat wave here, so I thought I'd pass along something

    easy and yummy to bring on some CHILL!

    Snow Cone Syrup

    You'll need:

    2 cups sugar

    3/4 cup water

    1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid, any flavor

    Place the sugar and water in a medium pan

    and bring to a full boil. Remove from heat and

    stir in the Kool-Aid. Cool to room temperature,

    then place in the refrigerator until chilled. Pour

    over crushed iced.

    Another easy syrup:

    1 4 ounces of sweetened flavored drink mix powder

    3/4 cup hot water

    Mix the water and the drink mix. Cool and drizzle over

    crushed ice.

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    Carolyn Brown

    Default MYO: Snow Cone Syrup

    anyone know of a way to make a SUGAR FREE version of Snow cone Syrup for my diabetic family members??

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    Default MYO: Snow Cone Syrup

    use splenda -- sparingly-- withunsweetened koolaid mix -- follow MYO directions

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    Default MYO: Snow Cone Syrup

    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">>>Any Sugar free recipes<<<SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">Yes, here:
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">Also, you can use the recipe(#14) on the list and add a pkt of unsweetened kool aid instead of the lemon or rosewater flavoring.
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008"><SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008"><SPAN class="750564017-05082008">Or you can adapt the recipe I sent in earlier using the Diabetic Sugar Equivalent charts (whatever your favorite sweetener happens to be: splenda, nutrasweet,etc).
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">Here is another recipe too:
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">Combine the following in a sm. saucepan:
    <SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    [FONT]<SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <DIV style="COLOR: black;">1 c. Simply Fruit jam (any flavor)
    1/4 c. water

    <DIV style="COLOR: rgb(119,34,34);">Heat slowly on low temperature.<SPAN class="750564017-05082008">Store in refrigerator and<SPAN class="750564017-05082008">you can reheat again to thin if needed.
    <DIV style="COLOR: rgb(119,34,34);"><SPAN class="750564017-05082008">
    <DIV style="COLOR: rgb(119,34,34);"><SPAN class="750564017-05082008">~Liss

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    Sarah Long

    Default MYO: Snow Cone Syrup

    Around here they have the sugar free pre-made stuff marked down. I've tried to make the sugar free stuff before but it is really too much trouble for what it is worth plus the expense of the sweetener ends up being pretty high.



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