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    Default Hello from another newbie


    I'm Tukwut, family and friends call me Terri. I'm new to Budget101, but not to forums.

    A little about me, I'm the soul provider for my family of hubby, and 2 girls. Hubby is on disability and unable to work at this time. He hopes that that will change soon. We live on a small farm (5 goats, 3 sheep, 12 chickens, 1 rooster, 2 ducks, and 2 dogs.) We also have a small greenhouse going with tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, squash (3 different kinds), long beans, and some herbs. My husband is very big in self sustaining. We do have some fruit trees started, however, the past two years have been rough with that as we hired a guy to help us with weeding since I couldn't do it due to work and hubby couldn't do it due to his disability and the gentleman unfortunately couldn't tell the difference between a dormant tree and a dead one. He took out half our trees before we could stop him. Oh well, we will get them replaced as we can.

    So, to complicate our issue , I have recently discovered that I have a major Soy intolerance. I've found that if I have anything soy, I'm sick for days. So, I get to make everything from scratch. Not a bad thing, healthier and more budget friendly, which is a great thing.

    I'm hoping to get more ideas for being more frugal and just better with how I'm spending, in order to keep my family healthier.

    Thanks for putting up with me.

    ~ Tukwut

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    Default Re: Hello from another newbie

    Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, Tukwut aka Terri! Good to have you here. Lots of ideas, information and recipes on this site to help you. Enjoy! Any questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia



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