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    Default Hello from Minneaota/Question on kids ice cream mix

    Hi, I am Kay...single mother (widow) and mother. My nine year old daughter has autism and is a picky eater. I like to garden and wildcraft (forage from the wild). I just got my first tomatoes (yellow heirloom) from he garden today!!!
    I am currently looking for an ice cream recipe for the children's Baskin Robins Ice cream maker since I am to cheap to buy the premix....any one have any recipe for this????

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    Default Hello from Minneaota/Question on kids ice cream mix

    Hi...not sure if it works in an ice-cream maker but my kids make coffee can ice cream all the time...they love it! We also add little things like choc chips or other flavorings and make flavored ice-cream. I've also made it with 2% milk so it has less fat.

    Here is the recipe we use, from Nancy drew Notebooks mysteries

    <FONT face="TimesNewRomanPS-Bold" size="2">
    Nancy, Bess, and George’s Coffee-Can Ice Cream
    <FONT face="TimesNewRomanPS" size="2">
    Ingredients:<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • 1/2 cup milk<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • 1 tablespoon sugar<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • 4 cups crushed ice<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • 4 tablespoons salt<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • Standard size coffee can with plastic lid<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • Economy size (jumbo) coffee can with plastic lid<FONT face="Symbol" size="2">
    • <FONT face="TimesNewRomanPS" size="2">A hand towel or gloves to keep fingers from freezing. Brrr!
    1. Mix the milk, vanilla, and sugar together in the smaller coffee can.
    2. Seal the can with its plastic lid, and then put the sealed can inside the larger can.
    3. Fill the larger can with ice and salt, and seal with the plastic lid. Now you have one can
    inside another!
    4. Using your hands, roll the can back and forth on the ground until the ice cream is firm.

    Five to ten minutes is enough time for the mixture to freeze..

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