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No Mail & Special Notice Settings

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You may NOT set your mail delivery to 'no mail' or 'Special Notice' and remain a

member. If you wish to read your e-mail on-line, please set to 'Digest'. We

assume when you join that you want to be an active member, if this is not the

case, you may want to look for a list more suitable to your needs.

The ONLY exception to this is if you have notified the admin/moderators that you

are going on vacation/leave.


On occasions for periods of time, we disable the archives to transfer posts

to our forums. This is done because in the past we have run out of our alloted

space on yahoogroups and we do not want to lose any of the valuable tips,

recipes and information.

Generally a notice is sent to the list when this occurs. Although we try to get

keep web access available - sometimes is off for a couple weeks or more.