A member of our "family" recently expressed concern about using a glue gun.... here are a few tips :

Keep ice cubes or keep a bowl of ice water next to you for those time when the glue, which should end up on your project, ends up on you instead! Immediately put the water on the hot glue. This will stop the glue from burning you and will make it easier to get off.
Store your glue sticks in a shoe box with a few cone incense, when you are hot gluing you get a nice sent.
Use a clay pot saucer for resting your hot glue gun. All the drippings are caught inside the saucer
Put hand lotion on your hands before hot gluing, the glue will not stick and burn your hands
Have glue strings on your hot glue project? Use a embossing tool to melt those strings away.
Use old gloves (stretchy winter type) when working with hot glue gun Protects fingers from burns and the stretch type will not be too clumsy to work with.
If you put your glue sticks (for hot glue gun) in the freezer you will avoid those long glue strings that appear when using the glue gun.

You love stamping and you love using a hot glue gun! You an use your hot glue gun to create your own "seals" for use on collage cards. Just squeeze out a large circle of hot glue and wait until it sets just slightly. Then just press the stamp of your choice into the glue and leave it there until the glue has set. You can use the stamp uninked or ink it up with a metallic pigment ink.
When you are finished with your glue gun... let it cool to the touch, then take a dryer sheet (I use bounce) any brand, and wipe the end down and also the gun. You will be amazed how it cleans everything off.
To prevent wall-hung pictures from going askew, add stabilizing feet using a hot glue gun. Squeeze a blob of hot glue on each lower back corner of the frame. The rubbery surface on each glue blob will touch the wall and prevent the frame from slipping, without permanently adhering the frame to the wall. REMEMBER TO LET THE GLUE DRY FIRST!