Last Minute Gift Idea: Cookie Cutters & 100 + ways to use them- Crafts & Homemade Items

One Really Great gift for kids you can pick up at walmart for $5.96 ... A Box of 100 assorted cookie cutters! There are Hundreds of ideas for cookie cutters... here are a few: Make an imprint on a frosted cake and decorate with colored frosting in decorating tips (gently make a mark in your

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    Default Last Minute Gift Idea: Cookie Cutters & 100 + ways to use them

    One Really Great gift for kids you can pick up at walmart for $5.96 ... A Box of 100 assorted cookie cutters! There are Hundreds of ideas for cookie cutters... here are a few:

    Make an imprint on a frosted cake and decorate with colored frosting in
    decorating tips (gently make a mark in your icing as a great starting point
    for making unique designs and to match your cake to a specific theme)

    Place on an un-frosted cake and sprinkle powdered sugar inside the cookie
    cutter - gently lift off cake

    Lightly set cookie cutter on a frosted cake and carefully sprinkle colored
    sugars or chocolate sprinkles - just enough to make the design - carefully
    and gently remove from the cake and wait for the compliments to start!

    Cut pound cake into 1/2 inch slice and cut with cookie cutter and then ice.

    Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving top open and fill with cake
    batter to make mini cakes.

    Use to imprint fondant or Marzipan with the cookie cutters for a different
    look. Hearts look great imprinted in fondant.

    Cut a sponge cake or pound cake with cookies cutters to make
    miniature-shaped cakes and decorate them by drizzling thinned icing over the

    Dip cookie cutter in Powdered Sugar to make designs on top of an unfrosted
    cake, such as a Chocolate Cake.

    Use the same cookie cutter in different sizes and after they are baked,
    stack them up using frosting between cookies to make one BIG cookie.

    Design a top for a cheesecake by gently placing a cookie cutter on top,
    pouring Jam around the outside of the cutter. Using a small spatula, spread
    the jam all around the cheesecake top while the cookie cutter is still in
    place. Carefully remove the cookie cutter, and a design will be left in the
    middle of the Jam.

    Use shapes to trace onto cardstock, cut-out, paint/color and use as stand-up
    characters on your frosted cakes. Great for parties to carry out a theme,
    such as Barnyard Animals or a Jungle party.

    Kids - Crafts & Education
    Trace around them (like a stencil) on construction paper and let toddlers

    Teach older children how to trace around cookie cutter shapes to make their
    own pictures.

    Let older children trace on colored construction paper, cut-out and decorate
    with such things as sequins, pens, buttons, etc.

    Cut out edible play-dough in letters to help toddlers learn their A,B,C's
    and let them eat their creations
    (edible play dough recipes, click on - - Easy kids Crafts and Babycare Recipes

    Cut out play-dough in animal shapes to help toddlers identify them or to
    make a zoo.

    Use to make bread dough shapes (let dry and paint).

    Make "real" mud pies, let dry and paint them.

    Use to make shapes with wet sand.

    Use as stencils to make your own coloring pages for kids to color.

    Mix together 2 C. warm water, 1/4 C. good quality dish soap (ie. - Dawn), a
    little food coloring or paint/Kool-Aid powder, and 2 Tbsp. glycerin or corn
    syrup. Use small cookie cutters to make bubbles and more bubbles. (Janine
    Lynn, author)

    Teach children about shadows and the sun's power! This must be done on a
    sunny, no-wind day. Carefully tape the cookie cutter (with the tape
    inside/underneath if possible) to a new sheet of black construction paper;
    also tape other interesting shapes to it such as screws, washers, paper
    doily, etc. Set the construction paper outside in the morning, on a flat
    surface (uncovered patio is great or lay it on a baking sheet to set on the
    grass). In the late afternoon, bring it in, carefully remove all the
    objects and tape, and voila! This can spark discussions about the
    interesting shadows, the strength of the sun's rays, etc.

    Use foil wrap around cookie cutter, leaving top open. If the cookie cutter
    could go in the oven you could let your children melt crayons in it and have
    one big crayon with many colors. Place cookie cutter on a cookie sheet
    lined in tin foil and put broken crayons inside a cookie cutter. Put in 350
    degree oven and continue to watch until all the crayons have melted into
    one. Use assorted colors but do NOT mix once the wax starts to melt or you'
    ll get an ugly color. Remove from oven and let cool.

    A fun way to teach children to count when all the cookie cutters are kept in
    a basket and presented as a play toy.

    Let the kids play "Pretend Bakery Shop" and make/decorate cookies and
    cakes - give them paper doilies to present their creations to pretend

    Use as stencil to cut out shapes from colored construction paper. Place
    construction paper shapes on a table and let each child match the cookie
    cutter to them.

    Teach children sounds of animals using cookie cutters. Also, for sounds of
    many other things, like trains, airplanes, etc.

    Place cookie cutter in terra cotta pots, grow grass in the shape of cookie
    cutter, kids will have their own grass pets and give it "hair cuts"

    Trace around cookie cutter onto sponges. Cut the sponges out and let
    children use the shapes to dip into finger paints and create masterpieces.
    For edible finger paints, click on - - Easy kids Crafts and Babycare Recipes

    Store "plastic" cookie cutters in a low drawer in the kitchen for toddlers
    to play with while you are preparing a meal or doing the dishes.

    Use plastic cookie cutters for teething rings.

    Have children close their eyes to use their sense of feel to describe what
    the cookie cutter shape is to you.

    Use met metal cookies to make music by letting the children "clang" them
    together to the beat of a children's song, such as London Bridges.

    Use cookie cutters for counting, adding and subtracting.

    Teach children how to spell by using Alphabet cookie cutters to spell their

    Make your own stamp by cutting the tip of a potato off and pressing a
    favorite cookie cutter into it, add an ink pad and stamp away.

    Make lacing cards for a good hand/eye coordination activity while traveling.

    Trace cookie cutter pattern onto cardstock, cut out pattern; punch holes
    around the pattern and give to children to lace with shoe strings, plastic
    lace, yarn with tape wrapped around ends, etc.

    Make sunglasses.

    Make paper dolls - let children decorate them with a little glue and left
    over material, lace, buttons, etc.

    Use to make small bean bag dolls, shapes, etc. for games, etc.

    Using mini cookie cutters, make game pieces out of construction paper and
    laminate. Games include Tic,Tac,Toe; Bingo; Monopoly, Memory, etc.

    Cookie Cutter Crayons -- With this project you can make new crayons out of
    your old ones that have been just sitting around. Your kids will think of
    them like new, and you can also attach them as a little decoration on gift
    wrapping. But remember: you must have yourself or another adult monitor your
    children if they do this because this requires the melting of the crayons'
    wax. This project is rated EASY to do. Supplies: ? several old crayons; ?
    assorted cookie cutters; ? old sauce pan or tin can for melting crayons; ?
    aluminum foil. Directions: 1. Take off the paper on the crayons and put
    them in an old saucepan. Or put the crayons in an empty tin can and place
    the can in a saucepan filled with water; 2. Melt the wax by turning the
    stove on low heat; 3. Place the cookie cutters on a sheet of aluminum foil.
    Pour the melted wax into assorted cookie cutters. You may need to hold the
    cookie cutters down to keep the melted crayons from running out; 4. Wait for
    the wax to set, then cool, and pop your brand new crayons out.

    Soap Crayons - you'll need cookie cutters; liquid food coloring for each
    color crayon; 2 Tablespoons hot water; 1 cup soap flakes. Directions: For
    each color, put two tablespoons of hot water and one cup of soap flakes into
    a bowl. Add as many drops of food coloring to the mix as you wish. Stir the
    soap mixture until it thickens. This takes time, so be patient. Press
    spoonfuls of the first color of soap into cookie cutters. Let the soap
    crayons dry for one or two days. Gently bang the cookie cutters to loosen
    the crayons.

    Self-hardening clay bead necklace - you'll need mini Cookie Cutters; Paint;
    Beads; Nylon thread; Jewelry necklace clasp finding; Toothpick; Prepare the
    clay according to instructions on packet. (or make your own); Use cookie
    cutters to cut out designs. Let the clay harden before handling and drill a
    hole though the top with the toothpick. Let the clay pieces dry completely.
    Once the pieces are dried, paint any color you like. After the paint dries
    you might want to spray the clay pieces with an acrylic spray. String the
    clay pieces with the other beads onto the thread. Tie on the jewelry clasp.

    Use shapes to make puppets.

    You can paint -on clear contact paper. Trace the cookie cutter and paint.
    Paint will stick very good. And when you peel the back off-you can stick it
    up-anywhere. On windows it looks like stain glass. I did my kitchen window
    with sunflowers and daisies -Yes you can see from both side. Esther

    Holiday Uses
    Use to holiday cookie cutters to cut figures out of sculptors clay, let dry
    and paint (great addition to baskets, as gifts, decorate wreaths and trees).

    Hang holiday cookie cutters decorated with ribbon on the tree, wreaths or

    Tie cookie cutters together with velvet, grosgrain, or other ribbon leaving
    a length of ribbon between each cutter and use as a Christmas tree garland.

    Paint holiday cookie cutters for special effects for a wreath or tree.

    Add holiday cookie cutter to ribbon on a wrapped package.

    Wrap a Christmas Tree cookie cutter filled with homemade fudge or Rice
    Krispies/Marshmallows with cellophane and tie with a curly ribbon.

    Make paper ornaments or wall cut-outs for any holiday.

    Use cookie cutters to spray artificial snow on windows to make holiday

    Make cinnamon ornaments for an appreciated Christmas gift that will be used
    all year round. Cut out dough using an apple-shaped cookie cutters, use a
    straw to punch hole in the top of each ornament before baking them so you
    can tie some homespun fabric or ribbon in each after they are baked. Kids
    love them in their rooms because they smell so good, so make theirs in teddy
    bear or heart shapes! Recipe: 1 lb jar sweetened applesauce and 8 oz
    cinnamon. Directions: Drain 1# jar of SWEETENED applesauce overnight (you
    will be amazed at how much water seeps out!!) Add 8 ounces of cinnamon to
    this and mix together well. Pat into a ball, press hard to solidify and mix.
    Then pat out in 1 cup units onto wax paper, push to 1/4" thickness and cut
    with cookie cutters. Let dry.

    Trace onto construction paper or on felt to make holiday wreaths (glue to
    round Styrofoam form or create your own wreath shape base from construction
    paper or cardboard. Not just for Christmas, but good for any holiday,
    including Easter and Thanksgiving.

    Buy two sets of holiday cookie cutters, using one set to make, then decorate
    a batch of cookies. Wrap each of the cookies individually in plastic wrap.
    Tie them AND the second set of cookie cutters to a wreath. Add the recipes
    for the cookies AND the icing. An edible, usable, reusable gift. (Our reader
    wrote: "Better than a puppy or a kitten because this is really the kind of
    gift that can keep on giving!"

    Let children make clay holiday ornaments (use straw to make hole in top
    before drying or baking for ribbon), glue tissue to the back and decorate,
    signing their name and date. Great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles!

    Christmas Parties: Attach a small tag with a red/green ribbon with party
    details and one of your tried and true cookie recipes to holiday cookie
    cutters. Arrange them all in a large wooden bowl as a centerpiece, adding
    some touches of pine branches and red glass balls. As each guest leaves the
    party, they can select one as a party favor.

    Hostess a Cookie Baking Party for your friends that want to give cookies as
    holiday presents or just for their family. Everyone comes with the
    ingredients for a batch of cookies (amount to be determined by Hostess on
    invitation) and each guest is responsible for making/baking/decorating these
    cookies. At end of party, all guests trade cookies and everyone goes home
    with different kinds and shapes. There is a family where all the ladies get
    together for a week to make 7,000 cookies between them!

    Tint pancake batter to match the holiday (orange for Halloween, green for
    St. Patrick's Day, red for Valentine's Day, etc., and pour into greased
    cookie cutters on a hot griddle. Use tongs and caution! Decorate with mini
    candies, chocolate chips or raisins before turning pancake over.

    Valentine's Day: Wrap a heart-shaped cookie cutter filled with homemade
    white fudge and decorated with heart-shape confetti candies in cellophane
    and tie with a curly ribbon.

    Any Holiday: String several (same or different designs) on twine or colored
    Raffia - knot after the addition of each cookie cutter. (Voila! A festive

    Dye bread to match holiday season and cut with appropriate holiday cookie

    Let children decorate the outside of the cookie cutter with by wrapping it
    with ribbon then, place their photo on the inside and a ribbon loop on the
    top for grandparents to hang it on their Christmas tree.

    Easter: Make Stained Glass Easter cookies by cutting cookies from a tube of
    refrigerated sugar cookie dough which has been rolled out slightly. With a
    butter knife, have children cut the shape of a cross out of the middle of
    the cookie. You can also use smaller cookie cutters to cut out a variety of
    shapes. Place on a cookie sheet and fill the cutout with any type of finely
    crushed clear hard candy (i.e. butterscotch, root beer etc.) and bake. The
    results really do look like stained glass!

    Mother's Day: Make pins using jewelry pin backings. Use any cookie cutter
    shape and trace pattern onto cardstock; let your child decorate; laminate.
    Add the jewelry pin back to backside. (makes a great gift for grandparents,
    family, friends and teachers). Variation: Attach to the bottom of the pin
    little metal rings or mini charms. The charms can be made using the same
    idea above with cut-out clipart; old greeting cards, etc. -- laminate; punch
    hole with small device like nail; attach to ring. Add pretend birthstones
    for each child's birthday to Mom's pin.

    Father's Day: Children can make sturdy paperweights for Dad's desk by a
    filling cookie cutter with a quick setting concrete mix (available at
    hardware stores) - use an alphabet cookie cutter with the first initial of
    Dad's name - or make three letters to spell out "D-A-D". Write a message to
    Dad or just sign your name. This definitely requires adult supervision.

    Use as forms to make paper machie flowers for Mother's Day (or any other
    holiday gift or craft).

    4th of July: Shred a bar of soap into a bowl; add enough warm water to make
    it a thick mixture like Oatmeal cereal. Press this mixture into a
    star-shaped cookie cutter, letting it dry for several days before pushing it
    out of the cookie cutter. Also, try adding food coloring for a variety of

    On St. Patrick's Day, use a Shamrock cookie cutter and sprinkle with edible
    green glitter for the luck of the Irish.

    Make a cookie cutter part of a Halloween costume, i.e. pastry chef, baker,
    gourmet chef, short-order cook.
    Cookie Cutters
    Use metal cookie cutter for a mold to make novelty candles (baby showers,
    holiday gifts, party favors) to make candles. You'll need: wax for melting;
    colorant; scent; wick; plastic plate. For these candle making supplies,
    check with your local craft store. Directions: Melt the wax following
    directions (add colorant and scent too). Pour just a little melted wax onto
    a heavy plastic plate. Allow the wax set just slightly, put cutter into the
    wax to create a seal that will prevent the remaining wax from seeping under
    the cutter. Add the wick and pour the wax till it almost fills the cutter.
    Allow to set up and remove candle from cookie cutter.

    Pour warm scented wax onto a lined baking sheet and cut out shapes. Place
    wick in center of cut-out wax shape, cover with second cut-out using warm
    wax to glue. These also can be used to attach to your ribbon/bows on a gift.

    Make candle holders.. These can be made with clay that has to be fired, but
    would work with an air drying clay, too. Roll a slab of clay out so it is
    slightly bigger than you want your candleholder to be and about 1/4 inch
    thick. Cut into the shape you desire. From about halfway up, cut out designs
    using cutters--the smaller the better. Remove the clay that the cutter cuts
    out. Take slab and drape over a cardboard box so that the corner of the box
    creases the halfway point. Allow to dry (or fire if using a clay that needs
    firing). Paint or glaze. When finished, it will sit on its lower part and
    the top part with the cut outs becomes the "window" for the candlelight to
    shine through.

    Make floating candles out of the cookie cutters. I roll out some play clay
    and push in the cookie cutter. Then I push in the tip of the wick in to the
    clay. Pour in the wax and pop in the fridge.

    Use as a pattern to make novelty fabric appliqu?s to sew on shirts, jackets,
    denims, visors, hats, etc.

    Use as patterns for quilting and other stitchery projects.

    Trace around cookie cutter and paint novelties on shirts, jackets, etc.

    Use a stencil to make felt shapes for sweatshirts.

    String a cookie cutter on a piece of ribbon to wear around your neck as a
    conversation piece.

    Use mini cookie cutters to make earrings.

    Make a charm bracelet out of the mini cookie cutters.

    Use mini cookie cutters as a stencil to paint designs on tennis shoes.

    Make a cookie cutter part of a Halloween costume, i.e. pastry chef, baker,
    gourmet chef, short-order cook.
    Food Uses

    Use to make shaped sandwiches for brown bag lunch boxes or any meal - great
    for finicky eaters.

    Make fanciful sandwich shapes for a child's birthday party.

    Make designer pancakes: Use to cut out novelty pancakes as a mold right on
    your hot griddle. Spray inside of cookie cutter before pouring batter in to
    them. Make a whole barnyard or zoo! Decorate with marshmallows, M&M's,
    whipped cream (Santa's beard or a snowman), etc.

    Use only a tempered copper cookie cutter to fry eggs into novelty shapes
    (use with great caution to avoid burns; this should only be done by adults).

    Cut out biscuit dough.

    Cut out bread dough (after it has risen and kneaded lightly a second time).

    Cut out cracker dough for shaped crackers.

    Use as a mold for cheese spreads.

    Make cupcakes (using tempered copper cookie cutters , surround cutter with
    tinfoil and fold over the edges to seal in batter so it won't ooze out - put
    on cookie sheet lined with tinfoil).

    Use mini cookie cutters to cut pie dough and use on top of pie crust for
    decorations (use a little milk to put on top of uncooked pie crust and bake
    pie as usual).

    Cut Jell-O shapes (after it has gelled in the refrigerator).

    Make Tea Sandwiches for a Victorian Tea.

    Make beautifully-shaped sandwiches for the more upscale brunch or bridal

    Let's not forget their use in making home made chocolates either just to
    round things off!

    Use to make shapes out of mashed potatoes and top off with grated cheese
    (kids love these!)

    Petit-Fours (using mini cookie cutters)

    Make shapes out of toasted bread.

    Use to lightly imprint buttered toast and sprinkle cinnamon sugar inside the

    Use a molds to make homemade chocolates or other candies.

    Spread melted chocolate onto waxed paper and when cooled, use a cookie
    cutter to make wonderful decorations for professional looking cakes.

    Use to cut Scones or other firm pastries.

    Use to make "designer" French Toast.

    Spray inside of cookie cutter with Pam and add Sushi Tuna. Fill until tuna
    reaches to top of cookie cutter; carefully un-mold onto plate or on top of
    cooked rice.

    Make brownies a little thinner than usual and cut with cookie cutter when

    Use mini cookie cutters to cut out bell peppers and decorate potato salad.

    Use mini cookie cutters to punch out shapes in scooped out pumpkin.

    Chill and slice butter into pats. Cut with mini cookie cutter and arrange on

    Make a Flower Pot Fruit Salad by using a small clay flowerpot and place a
    1-inch piece of Styrofoam in the bottom of pot. Cut fruit with flower-shaped
    cookie cutters . Stick on to bamboo skewers. Add parsley bottom of pot.
    Fruit needs to be 3/4 inch thick slices. Use Kiwi, watermelon, apples,
    bananas, cantaloupe, etc.

    Use to make cheese slice shapes to add to crackers for an appetizer.

    Make mini appetizer sandwiches.

    Make Rice Krispies treats and when cooled, cut out with cookie cutter.
    Buttering the inside of the cookie cutter removal of Rice Krispies easier to
    remove. Tip: Wet your hands with cold water makes handling of the sticky
    gooey stuff easier).

    Use as a mold and fill with ground meat for fun hamburgers.

    Use larger cookie cutter to make an individual meatloaf for each child.

    Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving one side open. Fill with
    fruit juice to make Popsicles.

    Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving one side open and make
    candies by melting hard candy (i.e. Jolly Ranchers) inside them. When
    removed from the oven and cooled, pop them out.

    An original breakfast: Use to make Breakfast Buddies, sort of a take off on
    McMuffin. Make fried eggs using cookie cutters. Try your best to cut the
    same shapes out of breakfast sausage patties and cook them. Cut shapes out
    of store bought biscuits and split them open. Then. assemble the sandwiches
    with the biscuits, sausage & egg and heat them in the oven until the
    biscuits are golden brown and warm. Garnish the Breakfast Buddies with jelly
    and fruit and enjoy a fun breakfast!

    Cut out designs in apples or melons.

    Purchase ice cream in rectangle containers; cut into ?-inch to 1-inch
    slices; use cookie cutters to make ice cream shapes. Drizzle chocolate for
    design, sprinkles to decorate, whipped cream, too.
    Gift Ideas
    Place a heart-shaped candle holder (glass or tin) inside a cookie cutter
    (such as a teddy bear) and fill with potpourri. Wrap in cellophane and tie
    with curly ribbon. Makes a wonderful and appreciated gift for the top of a
    dresser or nightstand.

    Add to flower arrangements (baby rattle cookie cutter for new babies, for

    Attach to a decorative ribbon on a wrapped package for birthdays, holidays,
    showers, all special occasions as a little something extra - children
    especially enjoy this!

    Use as a stencil to make gift tags.

    Use book, apple, etc. cookie cutters to create a teacher's Collage Mat

    Paint jars, use Gingerbread cookie cutter to trace and cut out of cardstock
    and print gingerbread cookie recipe on it. Mix up a batch of the dry
    ingredients for gingerbread cookies and place inside jar, closing top
    tightly. Add recipe card and gingerbread cookie cutter on some Jute or curly
    ribbon, wrapping it around the lip of the jar. (This idea can be used to
    make mini jar party favors).

    Wrap a cookie cutter filled with homemade fudge or Rice
    Krispies/Marshmallows with cellophane and curly ribbon for party favors and
    memorable gifts.

    Make fudge on a cookie sheet and use cookie cutter to make fun shaped

    Use as a template for picture frames using recycled paper.

    Use to sponge and decoupage on flower pots, cookie jars, etc.

    Give as napkin rings with a set of napkins for a bridal shower.

    Cut out squares of carpet, paint both sides, making them different colors,
    and make a mobile for a baby's crib.

    Use cookie cutters to make trinket boxes by tracing the inside of the cutter
    for the bottom on stiff cardboard or poster board, adding a strip of the
    same cardboard about 2" wide around the edges. Then trace the outside of the
    cutter adding a strip about 1" wide to make the lid. Cover with fabric
    and/or add appliqu?s, sequins, beads, glitter, etc.

    Bird Treats -- cut out shapes from bread and hang by strings in the trees.

    Cut out shapes using Fimo modeling material.

    Use as a stencil on wood to cut-out and paint.

    Use as a mold for cinnamon dough to make refrigerator magnets.

    Cut out shapes from clay to make a wind chime. (Get the pieces fired at a
    by-the-hour ceramics shop).

    Cut out ceramic shapes and turn the edges up to make candy dishes. (Fire and

    Cut our ceramic shapes to make Christmas tree ornaments. (Fire and glaze).

    Use mini cookie cutter wrapped in red silk ribbon, add a sprig of holly and
    a bow to make a holiday pin to wear on your winter coat.

    Thank You or Christmas gifts children can make for their teachers: Using
    holiday cutters, help children make some homemade gifts for their teachers.
    Place the cookie cutters as flat as you can get them on parchment paper.
    Melt some white chocolate and pour them into the cutters. Working quickly,
    add festive sprinkles or M&M's to the melted chocolate in each cookie
    cutter. Once the chocolate hardens (about 5 minutes?), cut off any extra
    chocolate that may have oozed out the bottom. Place your creation in a clear
    cellophane bag, tie it up with a bow and add a homemade gift tag you child
    has created and written to the teacher.

    Make felt cut-out drink coasters.

    the two halves of the two candles together. Let cool completely candles.
    Without wicks, you have scented wax potpourri shapes.

    Use to make Salt Dough figures.

    Use cookie cutter to trace designs onto gift bags.

    Trace designs onto Butcher paper or brown wrapping paper using colored
    marking pen(s).

    Trace designs onto colored foil paper, construction paper, tissue paper -
    cut out and glue to gift bags.

    Gentle press a cookie cutter into a stamp pad and stamp plain gift wrapping

    Make Gift Tags.

    Use as templates to cut out paper shapes for children to make personalized
    cards and works of art (grandparents and relatives love to receive these).

    Use to make birthday, anniversary and all other special occasions cards.
    Layer various colors together.

    Use mini cookie cutters to make borders around stationary, recipe cards,

    Use as stencil to cut shapes out of felt and glue to card stock.

    Use as a stencil to make "shaped" stationary, such as teddy bears or

    Make hand-made cards with a "window insert". Using card stock, create the
    card shape of your choice. Print up or color as you wish. Use the cookie
    cutter as a template on front page of card and cut that shape out. This
    creates a window that lets you see a portion of the second page of the card.

    If you need to cut out an oval window on the front of a card use the pumpkin
    cookie cutter. This will work for other shapes as well. Marilyn Home Decor
    Adorn/accent kitchen walls (just one or make a display to match your kitchen
    theme) to give a natural country cinnamon 'n apple mood.

    Use a large Mason Jar or clear Cookie Jar all year round to display the
    different cookie cutters for the season. Tie Raffia around jar to create a
    country kitchen effect.

    Use for sponging and decoupage on walls.

    Use a stencils to decorate around windows and doorways instead of buying
    expensive wallpaper borders.

    Use a variety of stencils from one theme (zoo or barnyard, ie) and make a
    mural on a kid's bedroom wall.

    Cut out squares of carpet, paint one side and use to decorate nursery walls
    or kid's rooms.

    Using different shapes, sizes, styles, tie onto different lengths of nylon
    wire and make a weatherproof, shiny, tingling wind chime. An idea: Graduate
    size of cookie cutters, from large at top to mini at the bottom. Use all
    different kinds or put some together to carry a related theme. For example,
    an animal theme, star theme (different sizes), sports theme, holidays,
    babies, etc.

    Use clear fishing line and tie on a cookie cutter to each piece (12" lengths
    or as desired), especially older unique cookie cutters to create a mobile to
    hang from the kitchen ceiling!

    Use as a stencil to make felt shapes for a mobile or decorate walls of kids

    Display cookie cutters in a basket, with the basket hanging on a peg shelf
    in the kitchen.

    Tie backs for kitchen or children's bedroom curtains.

    Place one or two cookie cutters on a ribbon and hang from a kitchen window.

    String a bunch of cookie cutters onto a decorated metal hanger for an easy
    and quick project to make wind chimes.

    Decorate cookie cutter with colored tissue paper, colored plastic wrap, or
    some similar transparent or semi-transparent substance and hang up as a sun
    catcher in a window in any room of the house.

    Fill a cookie cutter with colored beans, seeds, or beads, and seal it well
    with clear or tinted plastic wrap. These can be hung up as a kitchen
    decoration. If filled with clear colored plastic beads, cookie cutter makes
    a nice sun catcher if hung in a window.

    Cookie cutters are great for decorating kitchen and children's room floors -
    use a stencil and get permanent paint to fill in with details.

    Make pathways or decorate flower bed trims by filling cookie cutters with a
    quick setting concrete mix (available at hardware stores).

    Hammer nails into an old cutting board and hang cookie cutters from it,
    changing the cookie cutter shapes seasonally - accent with dried Cinnamon
    apples and/or flowers.

    Use cookie cutter as a stencil or fill with Plaster of Paris to paint or
    decoupage and place on shelves in any room of the house.

    Use mini cookie cutters as a pull tag on a window shade.

    Use cookie cutters on the end of drapery or curtain rods.

    Place a cookie cutter on a pretty plate, place a color votive candle in
    middle and put some "wet" potpourri around base for a country kitchen.

    If you are fortunate to have your Grandmother's cookie cutters from era gone
    by, display, display, display!

    Make "stained glass" sun catchers by using gelatin to create a sort of
    "plastic. Ingredients:
    3 Envelopes Unflavored Gelatin (or if your a vegetarian, the gelatin
    substitute); 8-10 Tablespoons Water; several Drops of Food Coloring; plastic
    plate and something for punching hanging holes. Directions: Mix the water
    and food coloring over low heat. Add gelatin and stir continuously. Cook
    until thickened (30 seconds-a minute). Pour the mixture onto a plastic
    plate, remove as many air bubbles as possible. Let it set for 45
    minutes-hour. Remove from plate. The gelatin will be flexible. Use cookie
    cutters to cut shapes. Punch holes where you would like to hang them from.
    Let them sit out and continue to air dry--they'll be in 2-3 days and can
    then be strung up to dangle where the sun will shine through them.

    Make "three-dimensional" tiles. Using clay, roll a 1/4 inch slab. Cut 4x4
    (or any size and shape you choose) squares. From the same slab or a new one,
    cut shapes with cookie cutters. Rough up the back of the cutter cut clay and
    the front of the tile clay (only where the design will go though). Using a
    little slip (water/clay mixture) adhere the two together. Allow to air dry
    or fire if needed. Paint or glaze.

    Mini cookie cutter shapes as drawer or cabinet pulls.

    Use them as balloon weights.

    Use as a stencil on colored cardstock to make name tags .

    Make paper ornaments and wall cut-outs to match any party or shower theme.

    Use to draw patterns for kids to color and have fun as a party activity.

    Use a napkin rings (and let the guests take them home as party favors).

    Cookie cutters can be useful as place cards. Attach a piece of paper to the
    back of the cookie cutter and write the guest's name on the paper. Place the
    cookie cutter with the name beside or on top of the plate.

    Wrap cookie cutter with aluminum foil, leaving top open and fill with cake
    batter to make mini cakes and let the guests decorate their own special
    cakes by providing frosting, sprinkles, chocolate chips, mini candies, etc.

    Use cookie cutter to stencil designs on cloth napkins, for holidays or
    birthdays - add date and let the guests take their napkin home as a party

    For a little girl's tea party or baby shower, tie cookie cutters together
    with velvet, grosgrain, or other ribbon leaving a length of ribbon between
    each cutter, tying them individually to a small tree (which requires fewer
    cookie cutters).

    Finger sandwiches - cut bread first and then fill with egg salad, tuna
    salad, chicken salad, etc. Depending on party theme or holiday, dye the
    bread to match. For example, on Easter, dye the bread pink, blue, and yellow
    using an egg cookie cutter for egg salad sandwiches; a chicken cookie cutter
    for chicken salad sandwiches, etc. At Christmas, dye the bread green and use
    tree shape cookie cutters for a festive look!

    Use to anchor down a bouquet of helium-filled balloons or a single helium

    For a Bridal Shower, ask each guest to bring one or two cookie cutters and
    tie with ribbons to the limbs of a small tree centerpiece. The string of
    cookie cutters is then given to the bride or mother-to-be as a gift!

    Variation of the above for Baby Showers: Make two, one for each

    Fill cookie cutter with broken clear hard candy and bake until the candy
    fuses together into little "stained glass windows" Hang up like a chandelier
    for a birthday party or give as party favors.

    Tape cardboard to the back of a cookie cutter to match decorations, fill
    with small candies (ie, M&M's) and wrap the whole thing with colored Saran
    Wrap as party favors.

    Make a centerpiece floral arrangement by inserting a dowel into the center
    of a pot like a topiary and add cookie cutters.

    Treasure Stones: Treasure Stones
    1 cup flour One cup used coffee grindso1/2 cup salto1/4 cup sand orTempera
    paint or food coloring. 1) In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients into a
    2) Remove the dough form and knead it on a floured surface. Press dough into
    molds to shape; 3) Hide toys and surprises in the center of the dough, and
    then allow dough to dry in a warm place for 2-3 days; 4) When dry, the dough
    will look and feel like a rock. Break open the rock with a small hammer to
    reveal treasures.

    Lollipop People: You'll need craft sticks, leftover felt, round or any
    two-inch cookie cutter shape, glue, pencil, scissors, cardboard and photos
    of children and mothers. Here's what to do:
    Use cookie cutter as the pattern, trace on to the cardboard and cut out six
    shapes. (An old cereal box or gift box works great!). Glue the cardboard
    circles to your leftover felt scraps. Cut out the felt circles and glue a
    craft stick to the back of each one. Cut out the pictures to place a face on
    each lollipop.

    Ladies Brunch party favors: Using a hot glue gun, attach 1/4" wide picot
    ribbon bow with a loop at the top of each cookie cutter (for hanging) and
    matching silk rose bud with leaves in the center of the bow. To use the
    cookie cutter, simply remove the bow/flower because it will come cleanly off
    the cutter.

    Make watercolor decorations. Using 140 lb. watercolor paper, at least a red,
    blue and yellow watercolor, and an artist's quality brush (1 inch flat is
    best) flood the paper with juicy washes of color. Throw on salt or plastic
    wrap and allow to air dry (colors always dry lighter than they appear wet).
    Use cookie cutters as a template to cut out shapes. Punch a hole in the top
    for hanging. Seal with a coat of gloss varnish (found in the paint area of
    your local hobby store). Pets
    Use cookie cutters to make treats for your dog - do NOT use regular cookie
    recipes. special dog bone recipe can be found at - - - complete resource for digging yourself out of debt Pets Section

    Use them as templates for make felt catnip toys for your cat or kittens.
    Scrapbooking Ideas
    Use for patterns to make memory scrapbooks (use cookie cutters according to
    the theme of the page to outline shapes around the photos. Cut the picture
    carefully and add it to the memory page.

    Use as stencils to make a photo collage page

    Make novelty kid-shaped soaps with any shaped cookie cutter. You'll need:
    "melt and pour" soap base (clear or opaque); colorant; scent; plastic plate.
    Soap-making supplies can be found at your local craft store. Directions:
    Melt some "melt and pour" soap (adding the colorants and scent) following
    the directions for M&P soap). Pour a little of this on a plastic plate and
    put cutter in to form a seal. After it sets up a bit, pour the rest of the
    soap in to fill the cutter. For a fancy look, you can layer the colors by
    pouring one color in, allowing it to set up just a bit, spritz or light mist
    of rubbing alcohol, then add the next color. Do as many layers as you want
    this way. After the soap hardens, it is ready for use as is, or you can use
    this shape and embed it in a clear bar of "Melt and Pour soap".

    Using metal cookie cutters to make soap: Kitchen supplies and plain, clear
    soap are all you need to make luminous bars of soap. They can be any color
    you like. colors can also be layered in one bar... natural additions make
    unusual, beautiful soaps. Try poppy seeds a spiral of citrus peel oatmeal,
    fragrant dried herbs, or a fernsprig. Directions: 1. Chop bars of unscented
    glycerin soap (Pure Pleasure works well) to yield 2 cups of one half inch
    chunks. Melt soap in a double boiler or microwave on high for one minute
    until melted completely. Skim froth from
    top. Mix in tiny amounts of liquid food coloring. Blend colors as desired.
    For scented soap add essential oils- natural scented oils the essence of the
    plant from which they are derived. Can be found in specialty bath and beauty
    shops; 2. Brush chosen mold with more essential oil or with vegetable oil.
    Pour melted soap into mold and let stand until hardened, about 2 hours. To
    make layers, pour one colored soap into a mold and let it harden for about
    20 minutes. Skim off any bubbles and pour another layer into the mold and
    let stand until hardened. The natural additions can be mixed into the melted
    soap or placed on top of one layer before adding another; 3. Push the soap
    out the plastic mold and tap the bottom.

    Use metal cookie cutter for a mold to make novelty soaps (baby showers,
    holiday gifts, party favors)
    Apply paint to more detailed cutters and use them like stamps for scrapbooks
    and stationary


    Color baked cookies with Edible Marking Pens for invitations or use as a
    party activity letting kids/guests decorate their own.

    Paint cookies for directions. If you paint unbaked cookies, then sprinkle
    the painted area with edible white glitter to make them end up shiny,
    almost glistening, without altering the color.
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    Default Re: Last Minute Gift Idea

    This one has some really great ideas for last minute christmas gift ideas when you're on a tight budget.


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    Default Re: Last Minute Gift Idea: Cookie Cutters & 100 + ways to use them

    Wow! talk about some great ideas! I picked up a big bucket of cookie cutters and attached some printed out recipes from budget101

    Yeah, This is my life now!

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    Smile Re: Last Minute Gift Idea: Cookie Cutters & 100 + ways to use them

    thanks for all the great ideas. I am going to use some of them and then I am going to use another I came up with to finish a baby mobile for my brothers baby. I have some mini cookie cutters and some large plastic ones I never use so I will cover them with fabric and pad them so they are soft and hang them from the frame I'm working on. voila. baby mobile for less than 20.oo and that includes time and materials/wrapping paper and gas to get there (hour drive)

    tammy ramey

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    Default Re: Last Minute Gift Idea: Cookie Cutters & 100 + ways to use them

    You can also make plantable paper using cookie cutters too with flower seeds in multiple designs:

    For Halloween Make plantable Pumpkin Favor Treats
    For Christmas make Christmas Tree Ornaments that can be planted after the holiday


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