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    I would be interested to hear about your experiences, both good & bad,

    with the travel sites, such as,, etc. Do you find one to be generally less expensive

    than another ? I will be booking flight & hotel to san diego soon,

    and was curious Thanks in advance !


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    I have found to have the best deals for the
    most part. You can sign up to get all the good deals emailed to you on a
    regular basis. I don’t care for Travelocity or priceline, because I
    have children and always prefer a direct flight if I can get one. They
    usually will put you on a flight that changes planes (too much chaos with kids!)
    or has long stops. As for I have never tried them,
    but I have always had good luck with searching the web and booking
    directly. Just be sure to ask if hotels are going through any
    construction or renovations. The best car rental deal we have gotten was
    on The worker from enterprise never saw such a good deal,
    he almost thought the coupon was a fake! It worked out eventually
    and we got a great deal. Good Luck! Lisa



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