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Release Date: March 8, 2010

BuzzFeed has the news you want now, plus the stories that will be going around Facebook and Twitter tomorrow. You can customize your own feed with only the stuff you want and it's super easy to share your favorite stories on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

BuzzFeed is the perfect mix of fun stuff and serious reporting. Get your updates about politics, business and sports, you Celeb news, inspiring stories, and cute animal pictures all in one place. Or, if you want to avoid certain topics, customize your own feed and avoid types of stories you’re not interested in.

• Scan the BuzzFeed homepage or view any section, from Politics to Animals
• Customize your own feed with the sections you want to see more or less of
• Streamlined, image-centric interface and quick slide-out navigation
• Super easy to share stories and now share individual images and videos from within a story. Just tap the image for options!
• Respond with text, image, or use the reaction buttons to add a simple LOL, OMG, WIN, etc.
• Use What’s Hot to see hottest stories of the day

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