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    Default Food Storage Guidelines

    <h3>How Long Does Stored Food Last?</h3>
    These are just basic guidelines for food storage,.

    Meat and Poultry - Uncooked
    <ul>[*]Chicken and turkey - Nine months[*]Steaks, beef - Six to 12 months[*]Chops, pork - Four to six months[*]Chops, lamb - Six to nine months[*]Roasts, beef - Six to 12 months[*]Roasts, lamb - Six to nine months[*]Roasts, pork and veal - Four to six months[*]Stew Meats - Three to four months[*]Ground meats - Three to four months[*]Organ meats - Three to four months[/list]

    Dairy Products
    <ul>[*]Butter/margarine - Six to nine months[*]Cheese, soft and spreads, dips - One month[*]Cheese, hard or semi-hard - Six months[*]Eggs in shell- Do not freeze[*]Ice cream - One month[*]Milk / Cream - Three weeks[/list]

    Dried Food Items - Shelf Life

    <ul>[*]Baking powder/soda - 18 months[*]Bread Crumbs - Six months[*]Cereals - Six months[*]Coffee creamer, dry - Six months[*]Flour/cake mixes - One year[*]Gelatin/pudding mixes - One year[*]Herbs/spices - Six to 12 months[*]Milk, nonfat dry - Six months[*]Pancake/pie crust mixes - Six months[*]Pasta/noodles - Two years[*]Potatoes, instant - 18 months[*]Rice, white - Two years[*]Sugar, granulated - Two years[*]Sugar, brown, confectioners'- Four months[/list]

    Other Items
    <ul>[*]Chocolate - unsweetened 18 months[*]Coffee, vacuum pack - One year[*]Milk, canned - One year[*]Molasses - Two years[*]Nuts - Eight months[*]Oils/salad dressings - Three months[*]Peanut butter (unopened) - Six months[*]Sauces, condiments, relishes (unopened) - One year[*]Shortening - Eight months[*]Syrups - One year[*]Tea - 18 months[/list]

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    Consuelo''s Tupperware Store

    Default Food Storage Guidelines

    Which website did you get these guidelines from?


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    Rebekah Jacobi

    Default Food Storage Guidelines

    here is a website with guidelines for food storage. You can also get free recipes using your food storage. goryId=10002&langId=-1&cg1=14087&cg2=&cg3=&cg4=&cg5

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