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Walgreens EasySaver, Coupons and Register Rewards Programs How To Maximize Your Savings at Walgreens By Donna L Montaldo,

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    Default How to Maximize your Savings at Walgreens

    Walgreens EasySaver, Coupons and Register Rewards Programs

    How To Maximize Your Savings at Walgreens

    By Donna L Montaldo,

    One of the most popular stores among deal hunters for finding big savings on

    every day products such as toothpaste, razors, candy and other similar

    products is Walgreens drugstores.

    There are four basic ways to save when shopping at Walgreens.

    EasySaver Catalog Rebate Booklet

    Walgreens offers the EasySaver Catalog rebate booklet which is published

    monthly. Shoppers can obtain a copy by visiting their local stores or

    viewing and printing it from the Walgreens' website. Locally, the catalog

    can usually be found near the store front entrance along side the weekly

    store fliers.

    Inside the EasySaver you will find the monthly promotional rebates on select

    products, listed along with a few "free after rebate" items offered. Also

    listed are the monthly store coupons and other promotional items.

    Buy any of the items listed in the booklet, send in the rebate along with

    your register receipt and a check will be sent to you. You can earn an

    additional 10 percent by requesting the rebate in the form of a Walgreens

    Gift Card. You can use the gift card toward any purchase at Walgreens,

    including prescriptions.

    How To Use the Walgreens Easy Saver Program

    1. Visit Walgreens Easy Saver Rebate Catalogs

    <> 1 online, or pick up the

    catalog at your local Walgreens.

    2. Shop online or at your local store. Purchase items listed in the

    catalog that you can use. When shopping online, look for products marked


    3. Save your store receipts and online invoices or packing lists,

    then claim your rebates at the end of the month making certain you mail your

    submissions within the allotted time period.

    4. When mailing your rebate requests, include:

    * Completed Total Earning Tally Sheet

    * Customer Information Form found inside the EasySaver Catalog

    or on the online Tally Sheet

    * Original Walgreens' register receipt(s) with the rebate

    items circled with the Offer Number(s) written next to the price.

    * Make a copy of everything you submit, including register

    receipts, until your receive your rebate check or gift card.

    Only one submission is accepted per month and only one refund issued per

    family, household, address or envelope.

    It can take eight to 10 weeks for your rebate check to be delivered.

    If you elect to receive your rebate in the form of a Walgreens Gift Card,

    the card can be "recharged" with future rebate amounts. The turnaround time

    is less that waiting for a check, usually two to three weeks. Once the card

    is recharged you will receive a postcard with the amount listed or you can

    check the status online <> 2.

    "Rolling" or "Growing" Your Rebate Money

    After you receive your rebate check, return to Walgreens and repeat the

    process of purchasing promotional items, using your rebate money to pay for

    your purchases. The more items with rebates that you purchase, the more

    rebate money you will have to buy more products, without spending any of

    your actual cash.

    Combine manufacturer's coupons with "free after rebate" products. When you

    do this, plus earn the additional 10 percent on your gift card, you will

    spend very little out of pocket money after your first initial purchases.

    Using Multiple Coupons

    Store coupons can also be found in the EasySaver Catalog which can be

    "stacked" with manufacturer's coupons. You may luck out and find an item on

    sale, along with an in-store coupon plus an manufacturer's coupon and pay

    for the balance with your gift card.

    Register Rewards

    Walgreens Register Rewards are Catalina coupons which print up separately

    from your register receipt after you purchase qualifying items. The Register

    Rewards can be used like cash on your next purchase.

    Catalina machines are generally programmed to print one Register Reward

    coupon for one qualifying item. If you purchase more than one of the same

    qualifying items per transaction, you will only receive one Register Reward


    In order to get more than one Register Reward coupon when purchasing more

    than one of the same qualifying items, request that the each item be rung up

    on a separate transaction. If you purchase different qualifying items in the

    same transaction you will receive one register reward for each item.

    Note: In some areas the request for separate transactions may be denied.

    More Tips for Maximizing Your Savings at Walgreens

    As mentioned earlier, the best scenario for maximizing your savings is to

    purchase sale items with a store coupon and a manufacturer's coupons plus a

    Register Reward and pay for it with your Gift Card (if you end up owing

    anything). However, Walgreens' registers do not accept more coupons than

    items. To get around this, pick up an inexpensive item so that you have more

    items than coupons and the transaction will be processed.

    Drastically reduced items and end-of-season deals can often be found on the

    end of the aisles at Walgreens. By combining items you find at 75 percent or

    more off with coupons you can maximize your savings.

    If you have additional questions, visit Walgreens website or call their

    customer service center toll-free at 888-324-3028.

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    Ann Garner

    Default How to Maximize your Savings at Walgreens

    One thing I learned, if you get a receipt to use on your next

    purchase, such as getting a $2 coupon to use on your next purchase

    when I bought four 12-packs of Coca Cola products. I went in and did

    the four 12-packs again, and used the $2 on that purchase. The

    register did not kick out another $2 certificate. If you are using

    one, the register will not give you another one. I should have held

    that certificate until another purchase.

    Ann in Arkansas



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