LearnBop is dedicated to helping students increase their proficiency in math and to prepare them for more advanced math courses. This summer, LearnBop is offering parents the opportunity to sign their child up for FREE weekly practice online to help their kids stay sharp or get ahead in algebra and algebra readiness concepts for grades 6, 7, 8 and Algebra I.

Beginning either June 3 or July 8, each week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a period of 6 weeks students will be emailed a Playlist consisting of a set of 10 problems which students may login and complete at any time. If a student answers a problem in the Playlist incorrectly or if they choose to ask for online help, they are guided through a series of steps to help them solve the problem just as a one-on-one tutor would.

When the student completes the Playlist, he or she receives immediate feedback on their performance. Additionally, LearnBop will provide to the student will be provided online resources, recommended by experienced teachers that include games, videos, and/or additional practice related to concepts and skills not mastered.