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    Suzanne Fesmire Gibbons

    Default Was: Newbie Now: Budget Categories

    > A problem I have is that someones birthday or anniversary will come

    > up or an oil change or doctors bill.. just something I didn't expect.

    When you think about it, birthdays, anniversaries, oil changes etc. ARE

    predictable. I think most people don't put enough categories into their budget.

    My budget is in an Excel spreadsheet, and the categories (and sub-categories)

    take up two pages when printed in "landscape" mode.

    Perhaps we could all try to think of categories that people might forget to put

    in their budgets, and post them here. Here are a few to get us started:

    - AAA membership

    - printer ink, paper, etc.

    - yearly excise tax on car

    - children's birthday parties


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    Default Was: Newbie Now: Budget Categories

    Some states have emissions testing fees, too.


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    > - yearly excise tax on car



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