List Price: $179.99 Deal Price: $49.99 You Save: $50.00 (72%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "OK, so New York is starting to install public smartphone charging stations. Big deal. Most of us don't live in New York. And even if we did, think about this: Every time you use a public phone-charging port, you're charging with every single other phone that's ever used it. Ewwww. Keep your devices charged conveniently and hygienically with the Powerbag Instant Messenger. (That's a pun!) It can hold enough figurative juice to charge your smartphone up to four times, and enough actual juice to keep you hydrated from Bensonhurst to Throggs Neck. Don't go sticking your charging cable into any old hole. The Powerbag Instant Messenger turns the entire world into your personal smartphone charging station." Expires Jun 22, 2013

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