8 oz Skin Soothing Outdoor Tanning Oil (Keeps the bugs away too

*Please make sure to label "not for sensitive skin" & those that are fair skinned may burn quickly.

4 oz Aloe Gel
2 oz Jojoba Oil
2 oz Sweet Almond Oil (can sub Apricot Kernel Oil)

2 drops Eucalyptus Oil (repels mosquitos and flies)

2 drops Citronella Oil (repels mosquitos)

6-8 drops Lemongrass Oil (repels fleas, ticks & flies)

(can use combination of these oils for bugs:
Thyme (ticks)
Cederwood (mosquito's)

Lavender (mosquitos and flies)
Peppermint (ants)

* Pregnant women need to avoid Peppermint, Thyme and Cederwood*

Product will separate, shake well before use.
source: Jaime