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    Jamie Sutch

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    My question is this year for their bday we always have a combined party b/c it's easier. Well they are really into Tinkerbell. They will be turning6& 7 if that helps.I was wondering about some ideas that may be affordable. Getting a character to come as her, having someone do hair/makeup or if these things are even possible. Any help with this & keeping if affordable would be a greatly appreciated.

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    Jill Wingett

    Default Party Questions

    <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">J<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">aime,
    <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">Do you have a friend or family member that could play Tinkerbell? <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">O<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">ther family members could play peter Pan, Capt. Hook, etc. A<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">bout 5 years ago, my family all chose a character from Scooby Doo and dressed up for my niece<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">’<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">sparty. <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">It started out as a joke, but <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">since my family<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">’<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">s full of pranksters, we decided to go for it. <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">We led the games, <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">served the cake, <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">etc.<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">The kids had a blast, the neighbors wanted to <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">“<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">rent us<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">,<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">”the pictures are hilarious, and everyone is still talking about it!
    <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">For hair and makeup, you might try a local beauty school <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">–<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">students always need extra money!
    <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">Have fun!
    <FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial">Jill



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