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Coin Dunk
Moxy Games
Genre: Games
Release Date: May 30, 2013

Happy Friday! Celebrate the weekend with getting some coin action with Coin Dunk! How many coins can you push off the ledge?!

COIN DUNK brings the massively enjoyable and irresistible arcade game to your phone and tablet devices. Featuring SIX cool themes, fun sound effects and dozens of great prizes to win, start dropping those coins and bring a little chaos to your day! Prizes include cute farm animals, tasty treats and pastries, and who can resist those adorable fairy tale goodies? Earn those achievements and be the envy of your friends! What are you waiting for? Play Coin Dunk!

Features include:
- Cool 3D graphics
- 6 Different themes to unlock: Billhilly Farm, Coffee Cafe, Princess Park, Zombie Groundz (our favorite!), Moxy High, Football Fanatik
- dozens of prizes to collect
- push off special coins with special fx and
- 3 super fun minigames!
- Lots of special goodies to keep the coin dunking comin'!
- More updates coming!

**Please note that Coin Dunk is free to play but certain premium items require in-app purchase**

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