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Glide - Video Texting
Genre: Social Networking
Release Date: March 21, 2013

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Send + receive private video messages 1-on-1 or in huge groups... insanely fast, unlimited + 100% free!

FASTER THAN MESSAGING - Send instant video messages with just a tap. No uploading or downloading!
EASIER THAN VIDEO CHAT - No need to make sure friends are available or wait until they answer to start talking.
COOLER THAN TEXTING - Would you rather text about going to the beach or show yourself at the beach? Exactly!


• One tap to broadcast video messages instantly - simple!
• Send video messages to friends any time, even if they’re offline
• No uploading / downloading
• Chat in huge groups of unlimited size
• Send + receive as many messages as you want - unlimited!
• Messages are stored in cloud so don’t take up space on your phone
• Rewatch videos whenever you want
• Chat with your friends on both iPhone + Android

Glide is currently only available for Facebook users. Other signup options coming soon...

Twitter: @glideapp

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