Something happened to half or more of my reply. Here's what I had

tried to post:

There is the difference. We were not growing for only one

person. Plus, most people on this list would not be growing for only

one person. Now if I was just doing tomatoes and peppers in

containers like I was one year, I can see it being only 10 minutes a

day. When I think "garden", it's more than a few of each

plant. It's enough to do 2 canners of beans one day, 6 canners of

tomatoes another, squash going in the freezer, jelly being made,

peaches being canned, then again, we had about an acre in plants

producing food product once you included the fruit trees and the

grape vines. We had watermelon and cantaloupe vines, too. We were

making food to put up for a full year, too, not just "in season".

Ann in Arkansas