$10 in free E 85 fuel

Propel Fuels has announced a Grand Opening of their alternative fuel pump at the Chevron station in Sylmar, conveniently located along I-5 at the Roxford Street exit (see address below). Propel Fuels is offering $10 in free E 85 fuel, 9am - 6pm through Friday, June 7th (see details below). If you are in the area and drive a vehicle that uses E 85, this is an opportunity to expand the use of alternative fuel while saving money. The Chevron station accepts the Voyager card.

Free offer on Juune 7, 2013 1a a.m. to 6p.m.
Chevron Station @ 12881 Encinias Avenue, Slymar, CA 91342

Do a search for: free E 85 fuel in your area @ Propel Fuels: Renewable Fuels | E85 Ethanol | Biodiesel ? Propel Fuels

what is E85: What is E85? (with pictures)

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