Instant herb marker! Never mix up parsley and cilantro again. Just label

a popsicle stick with a permanent marker and put it in the soil. The

stake will hold up all summer


No more wobbles! Shaky table? Cut off popsicle stick pieces and glue

under the table leg adding enough to make it steady.


Rainy day game! Line up 10 sticks side by side. Tape across to hold

together and let your child paint a picture on the back. Remove tape.

Mix up the sticks and have them out the puzzle back together


Kid friendly utensil! Your youngsters can make their own peanut butter

and jelly sandwiches and you can relax. When they use a popsicle stick

as a spreader instead of a knife


Paint can label! No clue what color is inside those paint cans? Next

time dip a popsicle stick in the paint. Set it on the can lid and let

dry. Then tape it to the top for an instant color coder =

Candle lighter! Trying to light a pillar candle that has burned low?

Just tape a match to a popsicle stick to safely reach the wick

A real friend warms you with their presence,trusts you with their

secrets and remembers you in their prayers.