With my first baby I used to make all her formula with Karo, evaporated

milk and water. That was it. Don't remember proportions. Then you

sterilized it in a formula pan (similar to a cold pack canner only

smaller) for a while. I think it held 8 bottles. That was one day's

worth. That was in 1959. You had to sterilize for a few months. With

my second baby the formula cans appeared--I remember using similac that

you diluted with water but not the cans with iron as you didn't give

them iron until they were 6 months old. That was much simpler but you

still had to sterilize. I recall getting a case for $2 for 48 cans--or

maybe 24. I also used Emfamil. With my third child I had to sterilize

for 3 months because he was a June baby and the dr was concerned with

diarrhea in the summer but after that no more sterilizing. That was a

big help not to have to sterilize. So long ago. I remember cooking

those bottles on the stove every day. I don't know why one couldn't

feed a baby that first formula now. My daughter who drank it is fit and

healthy. My dr. didn't have me add the vitamins though. I was never

able to breast feed.