Yummier veggies! Sprinkle crushed croutons over broccoli, peas or other

cooked veggies


Crisper chicken! Substitute crushed croutons for bread crumbs in your

favorite oven fried chicken recipe


Heartier eggs! Toss croutons and cubes of brie cheese into scrambled



Zestier meatloaf! Stir coarsely crushed croutons instead of breadcrumbs

into your meatloaf mix


Crunchier casserole! Top a creamy potato casserole with crushed croutons

and a little grated cheese before baking


Sassier chili! Serve a bowl of chili topped with croutons and a dollop

of sour cream


Thicker tomato soup! Heat tomato soup with a handful of croutons to make

it thicker and heartier

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