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<LI><SPAN>4 medium sized potatoes, scrubbed, NOT peeled and cubed</LI>
<LI><SPAN>garlic salt</LI>

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  1. <LI><SPAN>Scrub the potatoes and leave skins on.</LI>
    <LI><SPAN>Slice in half the long way, then again, and then cut crosswise to get bite-sized chunks.</LI>
    <LI><SPAN>Place in casserole dish, dot wi<SPAN class="593322619-16072008">h approx 2 T. Butter</LI>
    <LI>[FONT]<SPAN><SPAN class="593322619-16072008"><SPAN>Cover and cook on high in m<SPAN class="593322619-16072008">icrowave for 10 minutes, or about half the time it would take your microwave to cook four baked potatoes.</LI>
    <LI><SPAN>Remove from microwave, add garlic salt and pepper to suit your taste. Be generous!</LI>
    <LI><SPAN>Cover again, put back in the microwave for the last half of the cook time.</LI>

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Now, if you have a steamer bag that you got out of the freebies forum, use that and it takes 9 minutes on a Large Full Bag & Just dump everything in at once.<G>
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~Enjoy !~
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