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Genre: Games
Release Date: May 21, 2013

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Lead your heroes to victory! Solara is an epic fantasy strategy game where you build a mighty castle, recruit brave heroes, slay ferocious monsters and dragons, and battle other players around the world!

- Build a mighty castle teeming with shops, taverns, weaponsmiths, and magical planetariums.
- Recruit Rusty the Footman, Luna the Ranger, Zora the Mage, and 15 more brave and lovable heroes.
- Fight against giant Tentacles, angry Treants, wheezing Dragons, and 80 other ferocious monsters.

- Choose the right hero combinations to vanquish powerful bosses with unique strengths and weaknesses.
- Embark on an epic and whimsical adventure spanning over 300 quests and 50 levels.
- Battle other players around the world in the Arena for gold and glory.

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