Tromba trombones are the real deal - in plastic. It's affordable for beginners, fun for experienced players and perfect for school and community bands. Lightweight yet durable, Tromba trombones produce a high quality sound that makes them a genuine and unique alternative to a traditional brass instrument. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a toy, it is certainly not! It's a fully playable trombone with an added "FUN FACTOR" built in. This trombone is made to a precise specification and uses high quality ABS plastic to ensure the best possible tone with no loss of fidelity throughout the note ranges. Tromba trombones are much lighter than traditional instruments, weighing in at 1.75lbs, which is a great advantage for children and beginners, who find traditional brass trombones heavy, especially after prolonged playing. Expires Jun 5, 2013

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