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    Default 9 Foods that will Make you eat More- whether you want to or

    Eating certain foods will make you so hungry that you'll feel hollow inside. We call these "appetite-stimulating foods." These include any food that has been stripped of its fiber such as white bread; foods that turn to sugar quickly in the body such as white potatoes; and foods loaded with sugar, starch, and fat.

    Some examples include:

    ? White bread
    ? White pasta
    ? White potatoes
    ? Pastries
    ? Doughnuts
    ? Cookies
    ? Cakes, pies, and other sugary baked goods
    ? Candy and candy bars
    ? Potato chips and other packaged and fried snacks

    Why do these foods give you that irresistible urge to raid the fridge or pantry? It has to do with their composition.

    The more fiber is removed from these foods, the harder and more rapidly they hit your bloodstream. The sugar and refined starch they contain causes your blood sugar to soar sky high.

    In response to that sugar surge, your body churns out insulin--so much that it drives your blood sugar below where it was before you ate anything. When blood sugar is that low, you feel tired and hungry, and in need of another quick pickup--often in the form of something sweet.

    The Lure of Fat and Sugar
    These ups and downs, coupled with the wrong food choices, can wreak havoc on your attempts to manage your weight. When a food contains both fat and sugar, as many of the foods listed above do, it can be downright addictive since many of us crave the taste of fat and sugar.

    Make a habit of reaching for natural, wholesome, high-fiber foods and snacks instead. These whole foods are digested more slowly, causing fewer spikes in your blood sugar.

    What's more, they tame your hunger, rather than drive it wild with those crazy blood sugar ups and downs. Trust us, before long, you'll lose your sugar/fat/starch tooth and be in better control of your cravings.

    This article is courtesy of The Biggest Loser Club online. For more on the diet, or for other weight loss advice, go to
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