Give them a warm soak! Snip an inch from the woody stemmed blooms like

roses and hydrangeas or other flowering shrubs and soak in hot water for

about an hr. Since they absorb hot water better than cold. They will

last longer


Pluck these before you plop! Be sure to tear off any leaves that fall

below the water line in your vase. Leaves rot quickly under water.

Producing bacteria that cuts flower's life short


Pick the perfect spot! Keep your bouquet away from fans and air

conditioners. Constant air blasts make your blooms droop faster


Spritz up a longer life! Misting blooms daily is an easy way to extend

their beauty. The reason? Flowers can drink with their petals also =

Make your roses stand tall! Roses starting to droop? Prick the stems

with a pin beneath the flower head. Then soak them in luke warm water

for an hr. They will assume their original height


Ward off the wilts! Keep flowers far away from your fruit bowl. The

ethylene gas emitted from ripening fruit speeds up the wilting process

of your beautiful blooms

A real friend warms you with their presence,trusts you with their

secrets and remembers you in their prayers.