Just a little bit of barbecue sauce? Spread it on a boboli crust. Top

with shredded cooked chicken and jack cheese. Bake at 450 for 10 mins or

until cheese is melted


Only a dash of horseradish? Add the spicey stuff to your favorite

bottled vinaigrette or ranch salad dressing to punch up the flavor


Got a spoonful of cocktail sauce? Make a quick marinade. Combine 1 part

sauce to 2 parts vinaigrette. Use on steaks, ribs or chicken


Only a tad of tarter sauce? Stir into mayo with some chopped fresh

parsley. Use to give potato or egg salads a tangy twist


Just a smidgen of grape jelly? Whisk together 2 parts jelly to 1 part

soy sauce. Brush over chicken or pork chops during the last 5-8 mins of



Left with a squirt of salsa? Serve over scrambled eggs wrapped in a

tortilla and sprinkled with shredded cheddar cheese for tex mex flair

A real friend warms you with their presence,trusts you with their

secrets and remembers you in their prayers.