My sister has the right idea. She lives "out in the sticks", it's a

10 miles drive to town from her house. Her son found a good deal on

a gas stove and bought it, planning on building a house and having

gas for the stove. Well, they ended up buying an all electric

trailer and putting it on his land because they needed to be in a

finished place when the baby arrived. So, my sister had a second

stove on her porch. Since it was going to be there for a while, her

husband ran a gas line to it so she could use it. Now, she has her

"canning kitchen" on the porch.

Houses used to be built so the kitchen could be separated from the

sleeping area so that the whole house would not be heated when they

didn't need it. My relatives in Alabama had a house that was

referred to as a "dog trot" design. There was a hall from the front

door to the back porch. On one side of the hall was the

bedrooms. On the other side was the living room, dining room, and

kitchen. When they finally did add a bathroom to that house, they

had enclosed the back porch, which was a huge room, and had added the

bathroom off the back porch.

Even when I was in town, I did something similar to this "canning

kitchen" idea. If I was using the crock pot, especially using

several of them, I would put them in the garage to cook so they would

not heat up the house. I've done that with my larger toaster oven, too.

Ann in Arkansas