House Party: Host a Shake Your Udi's, Boogie Your Buns House Party

Host a Shake Your Udiís, Boogie Your Buns House Party

Itís time to get grilling gluten-free style with Udiís! At your Shake Your Udiís, Boogie Your Buns House Party, youíll spread joy among your friends and family, grilling up burgers and dogs as you all cut loose and dance your cares away. Youíll find yourselves striking a pose and boogieing your buns as Udiís gluten-free baked goods fill your stomach and warm your soul.

Udiís products may not be available in all areas. Please check to be sure Udi's is available near you before you apply
Your exclusive Party Pack will contain:
ē Free coupons for Udiís Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns
ē Udiís Inferno BBQ Sauce
ē Udiís Boogie Your Buns Wristbands
Öand more!

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