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    Default PSA: 5/25 March Against Monsanto

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    Normally we don't share Politically charged posts & information, but this one is near and dear to our hearts because it has an affect on every single living one of us... It's about the contaminated foods we ALL eat EVERY Single Day due to crappy Labeling practices here in the US.

    Did you know that if you eat foods from any of the following companies, you are eating Genetically Modified Organisms- Frankenfoods, so to speak.

    Foods that have been chemically bioengineered and have been linked to a major rise in allergies as well as decreased fertility, organ failure, and cancers

    If you happen to believe Monsanto's Propaganda (spread by the government) that bioengineered foods are perfectly safe - wouldn't you at the very least like to see products containing these GMO's Labeled as such?!

    We Would! We have a RIGHT to know, as consumers, Exactly what we are putting into our bodies when we purchase something. If the foods are as safe as they claim they are, why are they so scared to Label them for what they are?

    Think you aren't eating GMO's yet, that it's a thing of the Future? Think again. The US Dept of Agriculture estimates that 70% of processed American foods are made with GMO products.

    Let me say it again, If you consume ANY of the products from the following companies, you are eating FRANKENFOODS. ...

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    Act Now, Join the March and Occupy Monsanto- Take your health back into your hands and know exactly what you are putting into your bodies before you no longer have a choice at all.

    Occupy Monsanto

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    Default Re: PSA: 5/25 March Against Monsanto

    I had NO Idea that we've been eating genetically mutated food. I thought that it was something they were considering doing down the road. I mean, I knew that they made hybrid seeds that were resistent to certain kinds of bugs, but I didn't know that they literally splice them with viruses and bacteria!
    What I found particularly disturbing is that when they splice the plants they make it resistant to their own Herbicides and then use twice as much to kill the weeds around the plants so the soil is completely contaminated with huge doses of Roundup and other insecticides/herbicides.

    I'm joining the march in my area, thank you for sharing this!

    Yeah, This is my life now!



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