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    The Say the Same Thing - Space Inch, LLC App has been provided to you by

    Say the Same Thing
    Space Inch, LLC
    Genre: Games
    Release Date: May 9, 2013

    From the band OK Go, a totally new kind of word game. It's creative, with no preset answers -- a funny, unpredictable, mind-melding, turn-by-turn game where you have to think like your friends!

    Say the Same Thing is the word game where you and a friend win together! You each start by entering a random word and then you each guess a word that connects those two, something they both have in common or a bridge between them (see some examples in the screenshots). Repeat with each new pair of words until you Say the Same Thing!


    **Play with Friends on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

    **Win Together
    If you both say the same thing in the same round, you win!

    **Funny Stamps and Emoticons
    Let Your Partner Know When Their Guess is Funny, Witty, or Ridiculous!

    **Chat with Friends
    Discuss Your Brilliant Game As It's Going On and After!


    **Think Like Your Friends
    Playing Say the Same Thing is like getting inside the head of your friend. You have to be smart to win.

    **Totally Creative
    You create the game together as you play, there are no preset answers.

    **Different Games with Different Friends
    When you play different friends, youíll have very different types of games -- different jokes, different answers, different concepts.

    Your games will veer off in surprising directions and that reflect what you are thinking and feeling that day.

    **Spend Time with Friends
    Playing is almost like hanging out together and spending time with a friend or family member. Seriously. You are being creative, thinking about each other, and exploring your shared understanding of the world. But itís also simple and fun. Thereís no other game like it.

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    Default Re: Say the Same Thing - Space Inch, LLC

    Sounds like an interesting game. Will give this one a try!



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