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    The Storm of Magic - Shamrock Games App has been provided to you by

    Storm of Magic
    Shamrock Games
    Genre: Games
    Release Date: April 24, 2013

    *** Storm of Magic is an excellent tower defense experience! ***
    *** Battle with bloodthirsty clans of orcs, demons, monsters, etc.! ***
    *** Become a record holder in the Academy of Mages! ***

    A great upheaval is coming to the wonderful, magical world of Londerol. The hour draws near when the prophecy will be fulfilled and legions of darkness will pour forth into this bright world.

    But the gracious gods give humanity a final chance. Heroes emerge from among the people, ready to fearlessly defend what is good and just. Magister of Magic Farian and his student Alex set out on a long and dangerous journey to gain knowledge, power and, of course, new friends.

    You have the unique opportunity to become Farian's student and make your contribution to the history of the kingdom of Londerol. Defend the shores of Londerol against pirates, uncover the barons' conspiracy and save the charming Princess Ellacrielle. Battle with bloodthirsty clans of orcs and procure the gold of the dwarves! On great mountain peaks, in deep caves and in scorching hot deserts, discover ancient spells to use in the great battle with the legions of the demon Rikhdash.

    Travel the difficult path from student to Grand Mage, learning all of the spells to summon towers and magic! Turn demons to dust and win the love of a princess! Try your powers in the testing grounds in Survival Mode and become a record holder in the Academy of Mages! Fight desperately, boldly and decisively! Discover all of the chapters in the chronicles of Londerol! Go down in history as a great mage, hero!

    - An exciting story about the glorious kingdom of Londerol, with amazing landscapes and an excellent TD experience!
    - Two game modes: CAMPAIGN with three levels of difficulty and SURVIVAL.
    - CAMPAIGN: 14 perfectly balanced levels of fierce battles with crowds of invaders, which challenge you to devise cunning tactics and strategies.
    - SURVIVAL: 4 unique maps on which you must only try to survive while being attacked by countless hordes of ruthless enemies.
    - 8 types of magical towers, each with 5 unique upgrade stages.

    - 2 super towers: a Dwarven Tower and a Hell Tower.
    - 5 types of elemental spells, each with 5 unique upgrade stages.
    - Over 25 types of land and air enemies (Orcs, demons, monsters, machines etc.).
    - An option to reset spell upgrades to embark on a new strategy.
    - Fantastic music and sound effects.
    - Global leaderboards (Game Center support) and a creative approach to an achievements system.
    - Support for multiple languages.

    © Shamrock Games

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    Hmmm..sounds interesting. Thanks for making this available for free!



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