Here are the toll-free phone numbers for 9 different free stickers! Enjoy

800-759-0700 Free "Pledge of Allegiance...Under God" Bumper Sticker
800-729-6686 Free "Drugs Don't Work!" Stickers to Employers
877-792-7070 Free "Kneworld" Sticker - Hand-Crafted Models and Paintings
800-729-6686 Free "We Have Better Things To Do Than Drugs" Stickers
800-232-1311 Free "Smoker" Stickers from CDC - Use on Medical Charts
800-524-2612 Free "Servants of the Mist" Tattoo Sticker and Poster

888-997-4625 Free "Shock!" Sticker and Catalog from Extreme Coffee
800-438-2826 Free "Kid Size" Sticker and Hampton Beach, NH Vacation Guide
800-968-4338 Free "Watch My Car" Stickers from MD Vehicle Council ( MD only )