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Linxy - Real-Time Dictionary
Genre: Reference
Release Date: July 27, 2012

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Linxy gives you instant word explanations.

Simply point camera on a text and instantly see augmenting dictionary and encyclopedia information for detected words. Learn new words, facts and obtain knowledge quickly and with style.

Linxy is an augmented-reality reading app. Point your iPhone at text in a book or magazine and instantly obtain word definitions. You can also just type in a word to quickly lookup its meaning.

- Instant text recognition using iPhone's camera
- English word dictionary and encyclopedia
- Wikipedia & Wiktionary definitions
- Over 400.000 word definitions
- Works 100% offline
- Manual word lookup

Currently supporting iPhone4, 4S, 5 and iPod Touch 5. Optimised for both 3.5" and 4" screen sizes.

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What people are saying :

* * * "Developer EvenPixel has an app that will have you ditching your paper dictionary like a hot potato" -

* * * "When we finished the review, the app left us with the sweetest taste and we strongly suggest it." -

* * * "Linxy is truly a nice app which lets you take a picture of any word in a physical book or newspaper, and then it searches for its meaning." -

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What we're working on: Paused camera mode and adding more content. Support for more devices and always improving recognition quality.

We're excited to hear what you think... let us know how you like Linxy and if you'd like to see a feature implemented.

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Text content in Linxy is based on Wikipedia and Wiktionary and is distributed under CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION-SHARE ALIKE LICENSE.

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