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    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">B1G1 20 oz. Sierra Mist exp 10/1/08

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">409 Natural Stone Cleaner x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">8th Continent Soymilk x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">8th Continent Soymilk x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">A. Vogel Allergy Relief x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">A. Vogel Allergy Relief x $1.00 1 12/31/2008 Link #2

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">A&D Ointment x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Abreva Cold Sore Lip Cream x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Abuelita Syrup x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Acidophilus Pearls x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">ACT Mouthwash, 18 or 33 oz x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil - Children's x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil Cold & Sinus x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil Liqui-gels x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil Multi-symptom Cold x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil PM x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Advil PM x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Afrin Nasal Spray x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">After the Fall Juice x $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Aerosol x $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Airfresh x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Decosphere x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® FRESHMATIC Ultra Starter Kit x $4.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® FRESHMATIC® Mini x $4.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Hidden Pleasures Scented Oil Refills x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Hidden Pleasures Scented Oil Warmer x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Odor Stop x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Scented Oil X-Press Warmer w/ Scented oil Refill Purchase x $3.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AIR WICK® Stickups x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alavert x $4.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alaway Antihistamine Eye Drops x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Albers Corn Meal or Grits x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aleve x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aleve Cold Product, any x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aleve, any 20ct or larger x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alexia Foods x $0.50 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alka Seltzer x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">All Free & Clear Laundry Detergent $1 off

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alli weight loss - 90 ct. starter pack $15.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alli weight loss - refill ? $5.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alka-Seltzer Effervescent Product x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Almond Accents x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Alpo Dog Food x B1G1

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">America's #1 Guacamole x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Amp Energy Drinks x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Anbesol x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Anbesol (regular, baby, Jr) x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Appearex for nails, 4wk or 12wk supply x $2.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Apple & Eve Juice $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh Advanced Toothpaste x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh Extreme Clean toothpaste x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste (4.3oz or larger) x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh Toothbrush x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh Toothpaste Coupons x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh White & Shine, Ultimate White or Sensitive Toothpaste (4.3oz or larger) x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquafresh White Trays x $5.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquaphor Healing Ointment x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aquapod Water x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution 12 oz. x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">AreoTM-3 Air Cell Insoles x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent, Baking Soda, Toothpaste, etc. x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Arnicare Gel or Cream x $1.00 9/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Arnicare Gel or Cream

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Athenos Feta Cheese x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aveeno Baby Diaper Rash x $1.50 link #2

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aveeno Positively Ageless x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Aveeno Products x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bakers Chocolate Bar or Dipping Chocolate x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Band-aid, any x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">BandAid Blister Block x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bar S Franks Sausage, etc x $0.25

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Barbara's Bakery Ultima Cereals x $0.75 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Barbara's Bakery Ultimate Cereals X $0.75 1 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Barber Foods Chicken Products, any flavor, any size x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Barilla Piccolini Mini x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bausch & Lomb Renu Mutliplus Solution 12 oz or larger x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bayer Heart Advantage x $2.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream pints x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bertolli Frozen Dinner for Two x $2.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bertolli Mediterranian Style Frozen Dinners x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Better than Ears or Nut Tastics Dog Treats x $1.00 Link #1

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Better than Ears or Nut Tastics Dog Treats $1.00 Link #2

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie Mix x $0.40

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker Cake Mix AND Frosting $0.55

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker cookie mix $0.60

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes 17.5oz + x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks x $0.80

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker Warm Delights x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker® Box Supreme Brownie Mixes x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker® Frosting tub x $0.55

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Betty Crocker® Suddenly Salad® Mix x $0.40

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bic Luminere Candle Lighter x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bic Soleil Razor x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bic Soleil with replacement cartridges x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bikini Zone® x $3.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bikini Zone® x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Birds Eye Voila! $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Birds Eye Voila Meals $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Blue Bell Ice Cream $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Blue Bunny Ice Cream personals $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Boost Glucose Control Multipack x $3.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Borden Organic Milk 96oz x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Boston Simplus Multi-action Solution x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bounce Lint & Freshness Roller $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bourdreaux's Butt Paste x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Breathe Right Products $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bridgford Frozen Rolls or Bread Dough $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brita Filters $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brita System $5.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt, 32oz $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Cream Top Yogurt, 6oz cups $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Low Fat Yogurt, 32oz $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Low Fat Yogurt, 6oz cups $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Lowfat Yogurt with Fruit & Whole Grains, 6oz cups $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Nonfat Yogurt, 32oz $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Nonfat Yogurt, 6oz cups $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Yogurts x $1.00 4 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Brown Cow Yogurts x $0.75 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bundinos Snack---Free after Rebate Ends 8-30

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Bush's Homestyle Chili $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Butter Buds Mix or Sprinkles x $0.40

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">California Butter $0.30 1 1/31/2009

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">California Cheese $0.30 1 1/31/2009

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Caltrate Calcium Supplement x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Campbell's Soup at Hand $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Campbell's Stock Pot Soup $4.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Campho-Phenique Medicated Ointment $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Canine Caviar $4.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Carefree Feminine Products x $0.50 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Carlson Natural Vitamin E Products $2.00 1 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Carlson Vitamin E Products X $2.00 1 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Carnation Instant Breakfast $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Carnation Instant Breakfast No Sugar Added x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cascadian Farm Product x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cascadian Farms Products x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cat's Pride Cat Litter x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cattlemen's Barbecue Sauce x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Centrum x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Centrum Kids x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Centrum Performance x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Challenge Butter $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cheerios Honey Nut x $0.65 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cheerios Multigrain x $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cheerios Snack Mix x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Chex Mix 4.5oz+ or 100 Calorie Packs x $0.65 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Chex Mix or Chex 100 Calorie Snack Mix 4.5 oz or larger $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Chinet Comfort Cups x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Chinet Cut Crystal Cups x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cinch Cleaner $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cinnabon Cereal $0.55

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Citracal x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Citrucel x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Claritin Allergy Medicine

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Classico Sauces $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Clean & Clear $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit $5.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Clean & Clear Invisible Acne Patch $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">CLEARASIL ULTRA® Vanishing Treatment Cream x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Coffee Mate $1.50 Link #4

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Coffee- Mate $1.00 Link #1 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Coffee-Mate $1.50 Link #2 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Coffee-Mate $1.00 Link #3 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Coffee-Mate Sugar Free x $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Colgate 360 Adult Toothbrush $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Colgate Advanced Whitening $1.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Colgate Total toothpaste $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Command Picture Hanging Strips x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Command Products, any x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cortaid Poisin Ivy Care Treatment Kit $7 off

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cortizone-10 Anti Itch product x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cottonelle FRESH Wipes, For Kids, Ultra Triple Roll, or Aloe & E

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cremora Non-Dairy Creamer $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Crown Prince Seafood x $0.35 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Curly’s Pulled pork BBQ Tub x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Cutivate Lotion $20 Off

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">D Con Bait x $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dannon Light N Fit 0% Plus x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dannon Light N Fit Smoothie $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Definetly, Maybe DVD x $5.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Degree Clinical Deodorant $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Depend Products $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Desitin Diaper Rash Cream, any $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dexatrim Max or Max20 x $3.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Diabetic Tussin® Cough, Cold, Allergy or Mucus Relief Product x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">DiabetiDerm® Foot Cream x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">DiGiorno Pizza for One $1.00 1 7/7/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dimetapp Cold Medicine x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Bodywash or 6 pk Beauty Bars $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Chocolate 8.5-9.5oz Bags x B1G1

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Cream Oil Bodywash $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Face Care, Hair Care, or Body Wash $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Hand and Body Lotion $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Nourishing Handwash $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dove Skin Vitalizer $3.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Downy Wrinkle Releaser Link #1 $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Downy Wrinkle Releaser link #2 $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">DQ BLIZZARD Treat BOGO Coupon

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dr Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dreamfields Pasta $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Dryel $4.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Duraflame Firelogs cases $6.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Durex Any Product $2.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Durex Play Lubricants $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Eagle Poppers or Bursts 2.5oz + x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Earth's Best Baby Food x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Earth's Best Sesame Street Products $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Easy Off Bam Cleaner x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Elexa Condoms $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Eckrich products $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Eclipse Cigarettes

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Electrasol Automatic Dishwasher Detergent x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Electrasol Powerball Tabs x $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Energizer Batteries $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Energizer Hearing Aid Battery x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Energizer Hearing Aid Battery x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Ensure Nutrition Shakes 6 packs B3G1

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Ensure Nutrition Shakes 8 oz can FREE

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Entemann's Products, any x $0.55 1 10/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Enviga Drinks $1.25 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Estroven Supplements $3.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Eucerin Everyday Protection Body Lotion 13.5oz x $1.00

    Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion 4oz x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Farm Rich Pizza Snacks $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Farm Rich Product $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Fast Fixin beef or pork item $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Fiber ONE Cereal x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Fiber One® Original, Fiber One® Honey Clusters, Fiber One® Raisin Bran Clusters® or Fiber One®

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Caramel Delight™ cereal $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">FiberCon Supplements x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">First Response Ovulation Predictor Kit x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Fleet Pedia-Lax x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Flintstones Vitamins x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Franks Red Hot Sauce x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">French's French Fried Onions x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">French's French Fried Onions x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">French's Mustard x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">French's Worcestershire Sauce x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Fresh Pet Natural Dog Food x $3.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Friskies Dry Cat Food $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Fruitsense by Old Orchard BOGOF

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">fucoTHIN by Garden of Life x $5.00 1 8/15/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gaia Herbs Liquid Phyto-Caps $2.00 1 6/30/2008 Link #1

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gaia Herbs Liquid Phyto-Caps x $2.00 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Garden of Life FucoTHIN X $5.00 8/15/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Garlique product x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Garnier Nutritioniste Moisturizer x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">GE Halogen Par Flood/Spotlight $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">GE Reveal Light Bulbs $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gen Teal Dry Eye Relief x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Cheerios Cereal $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Cinnamon Toast Crunch x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Fiber One Cereal $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Lucky Charms Cereal x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Reeses Puffs x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Total Cereal $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">General Mills Wheaties Cereal $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Cereal with DHA x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Fruit or Veggie Puffs x $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Graduate Snacks x $1.00 7/25/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Graduates Fruit Spashers 33.8 oz x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Graduates Lil Sides x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Graduates Lil Soups x $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Graduates Snacks for Beginners x $1.00 7/18/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Graduates Spill Proof Cup x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gerber Mini Fruits or Mini Veggies x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Glade Flameless Wisp Candle x $5.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Glade PlugIns Gel Holder x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Glade Scented Oil Candle Holder x $3.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">GLASS PLUS® Cleaner x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Godiva Belgian Blends B1G1 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gold Bond Ultimate softening or Restoring Lotion or Healing foot cream x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Goldfish Crackers $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gold Kist/ Pilgrim's Pride Printable Coupon 55¢

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">GoodBelly Drinks $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">GoodNites Overnight Diapers $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Goody Styling Therapy Brush x $1.00 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gortons Shrimp $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Gourmet Dining Skillet Meals x $2.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Greased Lightning Cleaner 32 oz or larger x $1.25 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Green Giant Bites $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Green Giant Bites Vegetable Nuggets $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables $0.60 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Guerrero Tortillas $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Hamburger Helper x $0.80 Link #1

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Hamburger Helper®, Tuna Helper® or Chicken Helper® Skillet Mixes x $0.80 3 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Healing Garden Organics $1.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Healthy Choice Panini x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Healthy Ones $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Heartland Pasta Product, any x $0.55

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Heinz Cocktail Sauce 12 oz $0.35

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Heinz Homestyle Gravy $1.00 3 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Helluva Good Dips $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Hershey's Bliss Chocolates x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Hershey's Mega Movie Ticket Offer exp 3/15/09

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Hills Bros Coffee x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Honey Bunches of Oats Chocolate Clusters Cereal $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Honey Bunches of Oats Just Bunches Cereal $2. off

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Horizon Organic Milk $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Hostess 100 Calorie Packs $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">House of Tsang Product x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Huggies Little Swimmers x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Huggies Pull Ups 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Humalog Kwikpen Insulin - Coupon for 5 pk

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">ICaps Vitamins $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Ice Mountain Water $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Immodium Advanced or AD or for children $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Immodium EZ Chews 40 or 60 ct $5.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Ivory Snow Laundry Detergent $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Jane Cosmetics $2.00 1 4/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Jet Dry Rinse Agent or Dishwasher Cleaner x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">JET-DRY® Turbo Dry™ x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">John Morrell Bigger Than The Bun Smoked Sausage $1.00 3 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson & Johnson First Aid Products

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS® First Aid Adhesive Pads plus NEOSPORIN x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson's Baby Oil x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson's Baby Shampoo x $1.00 1 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson's Bedtime Products x $2.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson's Buddies x $2.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson's Moisture Care Wash or Cream x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnson's Soothing Naturals x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnsons Baby Wash x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Johnsons Melt Away Stress Moisturizer x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Joint Juice x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Jolly Time Better Butter Popcorn, 3 or 6pk x $1.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Jolly Time Microwave Popcorn $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Juicy Juice $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Juicy Juice Harvest Surprise $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Just For Men Haircolor or Brush In Color Gel $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Just My Size Hosiery $1.50 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kashi Mighty Bites Cereal $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kashi TLC Party Crackers $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kashi~any product $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kaukauna Speadable Cheese x $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies with Fudge Stripes $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kellogg's products (11.4oz+, any flavor, mix or match) $1.00 2 rolling

    Kellogg's Smart Start, All Bran,, Special K, or Frosted Mini Wheats x $1.00 2 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kettle Cuisine Soup $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kibbles N Bitts Wholesome Meadly 3.5lb + x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kings Hawaiin Original Sweet Bread x $0.65

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kingsford Charcoal AND Glad, KC Masterpiece, or Hidden Valley Ranch $1.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Knudsen Simply Nutritious Juice $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kotex Products $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kozy Shack No-Sugar Pudding x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kraft Live Active Cheese $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Kraft Parmesan Cheese $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">KY Liquibeads $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">KY Lubricant Products $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">LA Looks Products, 7.5 or larger x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Leggs Stockings $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lever 2000 Bodywash (12oz +)or Bar Multipack (4 bar +) x .00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lever 2000 Soap $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lice MD x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Life Cereal $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lighthouse Dressing or Dip x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lipton Side Dishes $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Listerine Mouthwash x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Listerine Smart Rinse $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Listerine Whitening pre Brush rinse $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips $3.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Little Debbie Family Pack Muffins x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Little Debbie Snacks $0.25 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Little Einsteins Milk 64 oz x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Loreal Natural Match Hair Color $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Loreal Revitalift UVProtectant $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Loreal Skin Genesis $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lubriderm Lotion x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lucky Charms Cereal x $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lucky Leaf Pie Filling $0.75 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lumene Time Freeze Skincare Product $2.00 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lunchables Jr. product x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lundberg Brown Rice Snacks $0.75 9/29/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lundberg Rice Chips and Lundberg Rice Cakes X $0.75 9/29/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol All Purpose Cleaner X $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner X $0.55 1 rolling

    Lysol Bathroom Cleaner X $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol Disinfectant Spray X $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol Food Surface Sanitizer X $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol Healthy Touch hand Sanitizer Foam X $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol Neutra Air X $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Lysol Sanitizing Wipes X $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">LYSOL® Disinfectant Spray To Go x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">LYSOL® Healthy Touch™ Gentle Hand Sanitizer Foam x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">LYSOL® Toilet Bowl Cleaners x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Malt O Meal Cereal $1.50 1 rolling

    Malt O Meal Cereal $1.00 1 rolling Link #2

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Margherita products $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Maxwell House Coffee 11 oz or larger $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Maybelline Great Lash Mascara $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mederma Skin Care for Scars $2.50 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mederma Skin Care for Scars for Kids

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Melitta premium cone filters 1 100 ct or 2 40 ct x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mentadent $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Meow Mix Market Selects x B1G1 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Meyenberg Gourmet Products $1.00 1 6/29/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Meyenberg Gourmet Products x $1.00 1 6/29/2008 link #2

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Michael Angelo's Entrees b1G1 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mighty Milk 4 pk x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice 64 oz $0.55 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Monistat 1 Combination Pack $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Monistat Uristat, Soothing Care, Coolwipes x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Morningstar Farms breakfast product $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Motrin IB Pain Relief $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mott's Scooby Doo Applesauce $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mrs Dash Salt-Free Marinade x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Muir Glen x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Muir Glen product x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Multi-betic® Vitamin x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Musselman's Applesauce 6 pk $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Mylanta Ultimate Strength x $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nabisco Garden Harvest Toasted Chips $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">NatraTaste packets x $0.40

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Naturally Delicious Salad Dressing x $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nature Made Supplements x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nature Valley Granola Bars x $0.50 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Near East Rice Products x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Neosporin x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Neosporin Antibiotic Ointment $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Neosporin Scar Solution $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nescafe Taster's Choice x b1G1 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nestle Goodstart 2 Natural Cultures x $3.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nestle Hot Cocoa No Sugar Added or Fat Free x $0.75 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nestle Pure Life Water Multipack x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Neutrogena Oil-Free Stess Acne Control x $1.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Neutrogena Therapeutic Haircare Product $2.00 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Neutrogena® Sunless Tanning x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare Advance Skin Cream or Crack Care x $1.00 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare After Surgery Care Kit x $5.00 1 12/31/2008

    Nexcare Bandages x $1.00 2 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare Coldsore Treatment x $2.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare Diabetes Skin Care Products x $1.00 1 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare First Aid Products x 1 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare Firstaid Tapes x $0.55 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare Reuseable Hot/Cold Therapy x $1.00 1 6/30/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nexcare Tegaderm Transparent Dressings x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">No Nonsense Hosiery $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">No Yolks or Wacky Mac products (pasta, etc)

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nursery Water- 2 gallons or (1) 8 pk $0.55

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Nylabone Dog Chew x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">o.b. Products $1.50 on any

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">O-Cel-O Handy 4-Packs x $1.00 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">O-Cel-O Scrub & Wipe Pads x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">O-Cel-O Sponge Multipacks x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">O-Cel-O Sponges $1.00 2 rolling

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Oasis Dry Mouth Product $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Oceanspray Cranergy 46oz or 12oz-4pk x $1.00 1 7/14/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">OFF! Insect Repellent $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">OFF! PowerPad Lamp or Lantern x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Old English Furniture Polish x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Old English Furniture Polish

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">One-A-Day Adult Multivitamin Product x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">One-A-Day Adult Multivitamin Product $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">OPTI FREE Replenish Solution $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Opti-Free Replenish 10oz + x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Organic Valley Coupons (rolling exp)

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Organic Valley Product, any $1.00 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Organic Valley Product, any x $1.00 7/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Original Bisquick® OR Bisquick Heart Smart™ Baking Mix, 40oz or larger x $0.60

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Oroweat Bread product $0.40

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Os-cal Calcium Supplement with vitamin D x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved, Singles 2-pack, or Thick Carved Meats x $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Oscar Mayer Lunchables Jr. product x $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Oust Air Sanitizer $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Ozarka Aquapod 8 pk water $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pace Salsa or Picante Sauce 24 oz or larger $1.00

    Palmolive Dishwasher Gel $0.75

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Palmolive Scrub Buster $0.40

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pampers $5 printable coupon at Target exp.7/31

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pampers Splashers Swim Pants x $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pamprin product, any $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Patak's brand Indian food product x $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pedia-lax $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pediacare Cold Medicine x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pediacare Gentle Vapors x $1.25

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pedialyte $1.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Peloponnese Product x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pepperidge Farm Distinctive Crackers x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Perdue Frozen fully cooked chicken $2.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pert Plus $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Phillips Laxative Products x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pilgrim's Pride/ Gold Kist Printable Coupon 55¢

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pillsbury Frozen Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pine Sol $0.50

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">$3 Planters Products

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Playtex Sport Tampons $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Poise Products

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Polident Denture Care $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Pompeian Olive Oil or OlivExtra x $1.00

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">Post It Flag Products $3.00 2 12/31/2008

    <SPAN class="813045313-08072008">

    (Message over 64k, truncated.)

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    Default 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    Does anyone know how I can get a coupon for Red Lobster? I looked on their website and couldn't find one. Thanks,


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    <div id="AOLMsgPart_2_13a77e3d-9784-40d9-b2bb-07a9773cdc61">
    <div id="u8CAAF1BAFF80555-9B8-ACF" class="aol_ad_footer">The Famous, the infamous, the lame - in your browser. Get the TMZ Toolbar Now!

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    Stephenie Noyes

    Default 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    Does anyone know a way around installing the coupon printer? At this time, the

    only place I can print things is at work and we cannot download programs, such

    as the coupon printer.

    My computer at home is having issues with any and all printers we try to use

    with it. I cannot afford to buy a new computer just for this issue, since it is

    perfectly fine in all other aspects.

    ---- Original Message ----

    From: Liss <>


    Sent: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 8:55:03 AM

    Subject: : 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

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    Default 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    e-mail the companies and request that they send you whichever coupons it is

    you want --- I live in an area that only a very few places accept the

    printed coupons so though tedious it works and most companies are more than

    happy to help


    ----- Original Message -----

    Subject: Re: : 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    > Does anyone know a way around installing the coupon printer?

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    Ann Garner

    Default 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons


    >My computer at home is having issues with any and all printers we

    >try to use with it. I cannot afford to buy a new computer just for

    >this issue, since it is perfectly fine in all other aspects.

    This actually sounds like an easy to fix problem. I assume you have

    an older operating system on your computer. Go to the printer web

    site and download the print driver that is for your operating system

    and the printer.

    Ann in Arkansas, computer geekette-wannabe

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    Stephenie Noyes

    Default 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    I actually am running XP, upgraded to it hoping to solve this problem. It doesnt matter what brand/type printer I use. I get a USB port error message/blue screen.

    I figured it would be just a easy to print them at work, guess not!

    Thanks for the advice though!

    ----- Original Message ----
    From: Ann Garner <>
    Sent: Tuesday, July 8, 2008 12:20:53 PM
    Subject: Re: : 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    >My computer at home is having issues with any and all printers we
    >try to use with it. I cannot afford to buy a new computer just for
    >this issue, since it is perfectly fine in all other aspects.
    This actually sounds like an easy to fix problem. I assume you have
    an older operating system on your computer. Go to the printer web
    site and download the print driver that is for your operating system
    and the printer.

    Ann in Arkansas, computer geekette-wannabe

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    Default 7/8 Complete Listing of Current Coupons

    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">>>Does anyone know how I can get a coupon for Red Lobster? <<
    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">
    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">Here is a place on the Red Lobster website where you can join their club and they will send you coupons (including a coupon to eat free on your birthday)
    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">
    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">
    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">
    <SPAN class="610162917-08072008">this is what I got when I signed up:
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    <H1 id="thanks"><SPAN>Thanks for Signing Up</H1>
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    --- In, Stephenie Noyes <stefnoyes@...>



    > I actually am running XP, upgraded to it hoping to solve this

    problem. It doesnt matter what brand/type printer I use. I get a USB

    port error message/blue screen.<<

    What is your Printer? Are you able to use that USB port for anything

    besides your printer? In other words, is it possible that the error is

    with the USB port and Not the printer.

    There might be an identified error with XP and HP drivers that's

    causing it. It could also be related to a problem with your USB. To

    confirm this, try unplugging your printer from the USB (assuming its

    USB) port on your computer. Then shutdown and see if the same happens.

    If it does not, problem is probably with the USB itself or the drivers

    for USB on XP. Run the latest XP patch from Microsoft for XP.


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